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Mason E. is an 8th grader at Kraemer Middle School. She enjoys playing competitive golf and golf with her family. Her favorite food is sushi, and loves to get boba or Starbucks. She has 2 labradoodles named Sammie and Coco. Mason also has two guinea pigs named Tiger and Phil after the professional golfers. She also enjoys skateboarding, hanging out with friends, family, and surfing. Her dream colleges are Duke University, Pepperdine, and TCU. When she gets older she either wants to be a professional golfer or a doctor. She lives with her mom, dad, and sister, and loves to go swimming in her pool. Mason decided to do newspaper so she can get better at writing. She hopes that it will become easier for her in the future.

Mason E., Editor

Nov 14, 2020
Golf History (Story)
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Mason E.