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Logan D.
Logan is an eighth grader who goes to Kraemer Middle School. He lives with his mother, father, sister, and his seven pets. His pets, which are three dogs, named Violet, Cookie, and Blue; his two cats, Tyler and Mushu; and his bearded dragons, Taylor and Sage. Logan’s house, as you can see, is very packed. Logan also loves to play hockey. He plays for the team called Orange County Hockey Club, or OCHC, Their home rink is the Yorba Linda Ice. The position he plays is goalie, and he’s very dedicated to his position. When Logan has free time, he likes to play video games, such as “Tom Clancy’s: The Division” and “Call Of Duty”. He also likes to go out to play airsoft which is a military simulation style game. This game is played with firearm replicas that shoot plastic spheres. Overall, Logan tries his best at everything despite his busy life.

Logan D., Reporter

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Logan D.