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Kumail A.
Kumail is an 8th grader attending Kraemer Middle School for his second year, next year he will be going to a high school. He is attending the newspaper elective for his second year and will be a reporter again. His other elective this year is the explorer wheel as his second choice for his elective classes. Some of his hobbies consist of video games, some including Minecraft Terraria, and Geometry Dash. Kumail used to go to Woodsboro Elementary School, from kindergarten, all the way up to 6th grade. Some of Kumail's, other favorites are, chips, as his favorite food, Kumail loves chips, especially spicy chips. Some other ways that Kumail passes his time, is usually by drawing, or planning for new ideas for his video games. 

Kumail A. , Reporter

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Kumail A.