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Kassem I.
Kassem I. is a 7th grader at Kraemer Middle School.  He is known for being funny and for being a good friend.  He goes to three schools a week, and knows how to rollerblade.  He also enjoys a nice game of basketball.  He likes to participate in after school activities, such as Library Study Club and Math Tutoring with NJHS.  Besides that, he likes to play on his phone and has two other siblings, both of them being brothers.  He feels as if his computer is important to him.  The reason he chose Newspaper is because he loves to write.  His future plans are to become more athletic and wishes to be accepted into Harvard.  He hopes to become an excellent surgeon.  Overall, Kassem Issa is a pretty great kid.  If you ever see him, talk with him and ask him to become your friend!

Kassem I., Reporter

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Kassem I.