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Clara S.
Passionate, kind, caring, and athletic. Clara S. was born on September 20th, 2004 in Dallas, Texas. She lived there with her two older sisters until she turned 2. Then her family moved to Yorba Linda, California where her little sister, Lucy was born. When she was 8, she started to practice volleyball with her dad on the weekends. This game soon turned into a passion and she now plays volleyball for TStreet Volleyball club. Her team has gotten 3rd in the nation two years in a row. During her free time, Clara loves to watch her favorite shows on Netflix with her family. Her go-to dessert would be vanilla ice cream with lava cake.It is the perfect combination of rich chocolate and thick, creamy vanilla for Clara. Clara is a passionate and athletic girl who loves spending time with her family.

Clara S., Editor

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Clara S.