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Charis P.
Charis P. is an 8th grader who currently attends Kraemer Middle School. She decided to join Newspaper because she chose it as an elective last year and thought that this time she would apply for editor. Charis enjoys Newspaper because she loves writing and hopes to improve her writing skills and knowledge. In her free time, Charis enjoys playing with her dog, hanging out with her friends, and watching TV.  Future goals that Charis has are to graduate from either Valencia or Esperanza high school, attend and also graduate from college, and to one day either become a teacher, photographer, or perhaps even a photojournalist. Including getting good grades and being prepared for high school, Charis is especially looking forward to having a great last year of middle school at Kraemer, along with her friends as well as teachers!

Charis P., Co-Editor-Food and Travel

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