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Alyssa W.
Alyssa W.  is currently a 7th-grade girl in Kraemer Middle School. In her free time, she reads, plays piano, writes, draws and plays games. Among her many interests, Alyssa follows what is going on in the world, philosophy, culture of the video game community, and considers herself a professional fangirl. Her favorite games are Earthbound, a JRPG cult classic from 1995, Undertale, an RPG whose fandom is controversial, and Super Smash Bros, a crossover fighting game.  Alyssa likes to listen to music but mostly avoids pop music. She usually listens to OST from various games, but also listens to remixes by artists such as SharaX, Triforce Quartet, Michelle Heafy, and Sully Orchestrations. Two of her favorite songs are Tokyovania Control by SharaX and Bein’ Friends (cover) by Michelle Heafy.

Alyssa W., Reporter

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Alyssa W.