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Quyen N., Editor

Quyen N is a current 7th grader who attends Kraemer Middle School. Her favorite school subject is English Language Arts, and she enjoys going to the library during PRIDE. Quyen has a little sister as well as two pet chickens who live in her backyard. Both are male: a gray Silkie named Clouddust and a black Frizzle named Fuzzywing. Her past pet chickens are named Duckheart, Crowbeak, Downfeather, Shellheart, and Shadedapple. Quyen’s favorite pastimes are reading, drawing, and playing the violin. Her favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Cats and dragons are her favorite animals, and her favorite colors are blue, gray, and white. She likes to travel as well, to places both in and out of state.

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Quyen Nguyen