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Jewlyssa M.
Jewlyssa M. is 7th grader attending Kraemer Middle School. She chose to be apart of the Cub Reporters because she really likes writing about what is going in the world. Jewlyssa’s favorite feature of Kraemer is the fact that each period or class is only 45 minutes. Jewlyssa has many pets including a dog, a fish, two cats, and two birds. She loves to read and write and in her free time she likes to draw, cook, and watch Netflix. Jewlyssa also loves swimming and running. Her favorite foods are sushi, mochi, spaghetti, mash potatoes, chili cheese fries, and chicken fettuccine alfredo. Her favorite color is teal. Jewlyssa goals for when she grows up are to one day travel to Norway and the Bora Bora.

Jewlyssa M., Assistant Editor - News

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