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Kobe Bryant: Gone But Never Forgotten

Since Kobe had died along with his daughter here is a fan made picture of the two playing basketball in heaven; RIP Kobe and Gigi

Ben V., Reporter

February 13, 2020

Many sports players around the world change their respective sports, but nobody has changed the sport of basketball as much as Kobe Bryant has. Kobe Bean Bryant was born on August 23, 1978, and ever since that day, the world has witnessed a young star grow into a legend that changed the course of many...

A Tale of Magic… Book Review

The magic of books will captivate anyone who opens one.

Anselle P., Reporter

January 7, 2020

A Tale of Magic..., the prequel to the best-selling series, The Land of Stories, has been recently published on October 1, 2019. Chris Colfer, the author, has also been a Golden Globe-winning actor mostly known for being Kurt Hummel in the tv-show, Glee. Colfer began writing when he released his fir...

Sending Internet into Space

Satellites play an essential role in providing people with access to the internet.

Lauren N., Reporter

October 29, 2019

Even the thought of people going into space was impossible in the 1950s, but that all changed the moment that Yuri Gagarin went into space. From there, satellites and spacecraft have only gotten better and better as the years went by. Many spacecraft organizations have been created, such as SpaceX, N...

Rats Learn to Love Playing Hide and Seek

Mouse realizing it has been found in hide and seek.

Darrius H., Editor in Chief

October 29, 2019

Hide-and-seek is a game that almost every kid knows the rules of. Players can’t switch from “seeker” to “hider” during the game and the game ends when all hiders are found by the seeker. Apparently, rats enjoy playing this game with people and obey the rules. For weeks, German neuroscientist, Michael Br...

Be Kraemer Assembly

Cubby just relaxing between assembly duties

K. Smith, Advisor

October 9, 2019

Kraemer opened the school year and celebrated all things Kraemer with an assembly on September 20th. All students were in attendance in the VHS gym. The assembly was opened with the Star-Spangled Banner, sung by Cianna N. and Namrata M. Principal Young then took the stage and shared with everyone what...

Back to School Night

Proof that plastics can kill.

September 26, 2019

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