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Medicare for all

Medicare for all

Juno K., Reporter February 17, 2021

There are many people in the U.S. that would hesitate to go to the hospital even though their sickness or injury is urgent. The reason for this is the medical bills. The United States Federal Government...

Should Danganronpa be Played by Children 12 and Under

Should Danganronpa be Played by Children 12 and Under

Violet C., Reporter February 1, 2021

MAJOR TW: MENTIONS OF BL0OD, G0RE, AND D3ATH Children under the age of 12 should be able to play any of the Danganronpa games.  The Danganronpa franchise is made up of 4 main games and a few fan...

Why We Need Small Businesses

Why We Need Small Businesses

Dante D., Reporter February 1, 2021

Recently, America witnessed the passing of 2020 and the start of the new year. Everyone can probably agree that 2020 was a lousy year for numerous reasons, and many are optimistic about what the new year...

Should students be held responsible for things they post online?

Should students be held responsible for things they post online?

Agnes L., Editor January 28, 2021

 As the use of social media has grown, people have been using the freedom to post whatever they would like to. While they do have this right, it also comes with a responsibility. Almost every school has...

Are E-sports sports?

Are E-sports sports?

Aaden A., Reporter January 13, 2021

E-sports should be considered as a sport. There are a lot of similarities between the two . For example, e-sports gives off the same type of hype other sports give. In more definition, e-sports finds a...

Why Students Shouldn't Be Allowed to go to All Person School

Why Students Shouldn’t Be Allowed to go to All Person School

Miranda C., Reporter January 13, 2021

Students shouldn’t be allowed to go back to in-person school because that is putting the student’s whole family at risk of being exposed to the virus.  If another student went to school with covid-19...

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What Should be the Legal Voting Age?

Agnes L., Editor January 11, 2021

The legal voting age has been debated by many people. Some say that it should remain eighteen, however, more people support the idea of making the legal voting age 16-17 than you think. Lowering the...

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Should it be required to get a Covid Vaccine and who should get it first?

Nick S., Reporter January 8, 2021

The United States has been in lockdown since March 13, 2020. This means the Coronavirus has been around for about nine months. It has infected 15.2 million people in the U.S. alone and killed 286 thousand...

Should TikTok Be Banned?

Should TikTok Be Banned?

Drew L., Reporter November 15, 2020

Ah, TikTok. One of the most influential mobile apps of the past years, coming out in 2016. It started to grow exponentially since 2018, with almost three times as many installs as the 4th quarter of 2017....

A child using his phone while walking on the streets.

Should Texting While Walking Be Banned

Ethan Y., Editor March 11, 2020

It is widely well known that texting while driving is illegal in many places because it has resulted in many fatal and disastrous accidents caused by the distraction of the drivers. It is one of the leading...

A growing child learning how to handle money as part of life skills classes.

Should Schools Have Mandatory Life Classes

Noah K., Reporter March 10, 2020

While schools may teach subjects like math, history, science, and language arts, they don’t teach life skills. 18-year-olds go out into the world without any knowledge of what to do or how to provide...

A person crying due to the ruin of their self-esteem.

Does Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Ruin Self-Esteem?

Anselle P., Reporter February 27, 2020

Today, many people spend thousands of dollars on a procedure called cosmetic plastic surgery in the hope that they will appear more attractive. Plastic surgery is a certain type of surgery that can change...

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