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Geminid Meteor Showers

Geminid Meteor Showers
January 13, 2021

The Geminid Meteor showers are coming back this weekend and the sky will be aglow with beautiful shooting stars. A common misconception about shooting stars is that many people believe that they are...

Biography on Kamala Harris

Biography on Kamala Harris
January 12, 2021

When Kamala Harris was elected as vice president in November 2020, she made history, but many people don’t know her history. Kamala Devi Harris was born on October 20, 1964, in Oakland, California. She...

Election Fraud or Not

Election Fraud or Not
December 14, 2020

The presidential election happened not too long ago, and the results overwhelmingly pointed to a Biden win. After people got news about this, Trump was in denial of the fact that he lost. Trump and his...

The Debates

2020 Debates: Trump V.S. Biden
December 6, 2020

Throughout the history of mankind, bloodsport has always been a popular festivity. Just like the brutal gladiator fights of Rome’s age, boxing and MMA are still popular today. Another savage example...

Is President Trump Wise to Blow Off Dr. Fauchi’s COVID-19 Medical Advice?

November 23, 2020

Coronavirus has put a strain on many people and things, including President Donald Trump. Although President Trump is trying to downplay the pandemic, on the inside, he knows that we can't get rid of COVID...

Playoff Nuggets

NBA team logo for the Denver Nuggets.
November 10, 2020

The Denver Nuggets have been nothing but good in the playoffs with a mediocre superstar team. They have made it to the conference finals twice in two years and also beat the Clippers in the playoffs, who...

California Wildfires

November 5, 2020

Starting in August and continuing now, an obscured amount of wildfires have occurred and have burned a record-breaking 4 million acres of land. That is 26 times more than what was burned in 2019 and double...

The State of the Union

The State of the Union is a speech that takes place every year, spoken by the President of the United States
March 4, 2020

The State of the Union is an address given by the President of the United States (POTUS) annually. Many of the high ranking officials in the government, including members of Congress and the Senate, attend...

Increasing Fatalities from Coronavirus Cause Concern

It may be a matter of time until the coronavirus destroys the way we live our lives
March 4, 2020

The Coronavirus has spread like wildfire throughout Wuhan, Hubei Providence, China. As of 2020, there are thousands of confirmed cases. The virus doesn’t show symptoms immediately, and it could take...

California May Stop School Fitness Test

School fitness tests can be  very uncomfortable for less-athletic children
February 27, 2020

California is  considering ending School Fitness exams due to bullying. California Governor, Gavin Newsom believes that tests such as pushups, situps, and even miles can lead to body shaming and bullying....

Donald J. Trump Impeachment Hearings

President Donald Trump was only the 3rd President to have a Senate impeachment trial
February 12, 2020

A few weeks ago president Donald Trump was impeached in the House of Representatives. In order to be removed from office the president must be impeached in the Senate as well. So far, Donald Trump has...

Vladimir Putin Attempts to Extend his Rule by Altering Russia’s Constitution

Vladimir Putin is attempting to extend his rule of Russia
February 12, 2020

Since 1999, Vladimir Putin has maintained a position on Russia’s political stage as either President or Prime Minister. Yet, even as his final term is to close in 2024, he has recently displayed the...

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