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Maple Syrup Cola

Pepsi and IHOP Collaborate for New ‘Maple Syrup Cola’

Evelyn Y., Editor May 27, 2022

New soda flavors have been progressively getting wackier and weirder; take the bacon and grass flavored sodas for example. While these might have been a shock in the culinary world a few mere years ago,...

Lake Powell when water levels were normal.

Lake Powell’s Lost Canyon

Nisha A., Editor May 27, 2022

Lake Powell, sometimes considered the most beautiful place on Earth, has also had its fair share of ugly names. It lies about two hundred and fifty miles south of Salt Lake City in what’s known as Slickrock...

The Aquarium of the Pacific is a fun place to visit.

The Aquarium of the Pacific

Brian C., Reporter May 27, 2022

Oceans are extremely large and vast, and this makes it very hard to see all the unique sea animals up close. However, aquariums make them much more accessible to almost anyone. One such collection of exhibits...

Boba from Sunright Tea Studio

Best Boba in OC

Melody S., Reporter May 27, 2022

Made in Taiwan during the 1980s, boba or tapioca pearls have taken the world by storm. The market size value of bubble tea in 2020 was around 2.3 billion and is expected to almost double by 2027 to 4.2...

Inside the New York restaurant, Per Se.

The Most Luxurious Restaurants in the World

Noelle W., Editor May 23, 2022

Over time, food has become a means of measuring luxurious lifestyles, as the modern world offers expensive and exquisite dishes up to 2,000 dollars in payments. These globally loved restaurants not only...

The famous Chinese White Rabbit candy

How Shanghai’s White Rabbit Candy Became a Globally Loved Brand

Emma W., Editor May 23, 2022

The White Rabbit candy, a highlight of Chinese children’s childhood, is now a nice, sweet snack for people worldwide. Originally, when Adrienne Borlongan experimented with the White Rabbit flavor...

An example of Okonomiyaki, Japans variation of pizza.

Pizza Around the World

Isabelle P., Reporter May 23, 2022

Pizza, without a doubt,  is one of the most popular foods in the world. Invented in the 1800s by baker Raffaele Esposito, the dish has evolved over the years. If one were to think about pizza, the first...

The Colosseum

Top 3 Places to Visit in Italy

Maria B., Reporter May 23, 2022

Italy is home to some of the most famous artists, unique scenery, and architecture. Its capital, Rome, has some of the most beautiful architectural buildings that have been around for centuries. Notable...

Mickey Pretzel

Top Rated Foods at Disneyland

Emily B., Reporter May 23, 2022

Disneyland is widely known as the happiest place on Earth. It has many exciting and iconic rides, including Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones Adventure, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. This theme park...

Indias street food includes Pav Bhaji which sells for $1.30

What $1 in Street Food Gets You Around the World

Baylor R., Reporter April 26, 2022

Wherever people go, and wherever people are, street food has been ingrained into society. While it isn’t as popular or known as other common forms of food like cafes and restaurants, it is nice to be...

A Chinese tea plantation

History of Tea

Jerry S., Editor April 25, 2022

Over thousands of years, tea has spread across multiple cultures. One of the earliest tea drinking traditions can be traced back to China's Shang dynasty, during which tea was consumed as a medicinal beverage....

How did noodles come to be?

History of Noodles

Melody S., Reporter April 25, 2022

Among rice, bread, and other carbs, noodles undeniably reign supreme on many people’s tier lists. Knowing this, how did the traditionally pulled wheat, rice, or even plant-based culinary favorite come...

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