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Nobel Prize for physics awarded for work on climate change

Nobel Prize for physics awarded for work on climate change

Enrique R., Reporter November 8, 2021

Three scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in physics. Their work explained how the climate is changing on Earth, how the climate is changing on Earth, and it also predicted the impact of global warming....

A drawing of the Zodiac Killer, drawn after the murder of Paul Stine.

Who was the Zodiac killer?

Jacqueline S., Reporter November 8, 2021

The Zodiac killer is a notorious killer who terrorized citizens in Northern California in the 1960s. He has been linked to at least five murders but may have killed 37 victims in his time.    On...

Stars donned in fashionable outfits attend the 2021 Met Gala.

The Met Gala: What Is It, and Why It’s a Big Deal

Isabelle P., Reporter November 4, 2021

A fundraising event for the annual fashion exhibit organized by the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala, the Met Gala is what is referred to as Oscar Night in the fashion world. This...

Princess Makos fiance, Komuro Kei, stands at a podium.

Princess Mako: The Royal Rebel

Ivanna M., Reporter November 4, 2021

In most fairy tales, the princesses are known to marry princes. However, in this fairy tale, the princess has chosen to marry someone she loves regardless of his status as a commoner. Princess Mako has...

Fortnite Monopoly

Fortnite Monopoly: Collector’s Edition

Antonio G., Reporter November 4, 2021

Fortnite has always been collaborating with companies, people, and more all around the world. From Balenciaga to Space Jam, this game is known everywhere. Recently, multiple in-game leakers have found...

Trucks parked in a row

Britain is Short of 100,000 Truckers

Donald D., Reporter November 4, 2021

Britain is currently in a shortage of over 100,000 truck drivers due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other complications. This shortage is affecting many supply chains across Europe. Because of this, trucks...

A black dragon fish

The Deep Dark Depths

Brian C., Reporter November 4, 2021

 The deep oceans. What hides beneath the waves? What mysteries are left to uncover in the depths? Humans know more about the moon than about the deep sea, and deep down are fascinating creatures that...

A goat looking far away

Mysterious Disappearance of Goat Hunter Solved After 53 Years

Sal V., Reporter October 19, 2021

Raymond Jones was a man who lived over fifty years ago. Or, more accurately, more than fifty-three years ago, because that’s when he died of mysterious causes. Mr. Jones is quite a peculiar case.   Jones...

A sculpture of Nefertiti

Nefertiti: An Alien or Human?

Amy S., Reporter October 19, 2021

When King Tutankhamen’s tomb was discovered in 1922, intact after more than 3000 years, it was considered the most prominent historical find of its time. But even more astonishing, a recent high resolution...

An airplane flying in the sky

Flying Zolo: Zara Rutherford’s Solo Flight

Julia W., Editor October 19, 2021

At just 19 years of age, the young Belgium-British pilot, Zara Rutherford, aims to be the youngest woman to circumnavigate the world solo. She took off in early August and will complete her journey by...

A roller coaster

What’s so Thrilling About Thrill Rides?

Samantha C., Editor October 18, 2021

Roller coasters, drop rides, and pendulum rides are what come to mind when you hear “thrill ride.” These provide the stomach-dropping, eye-watering, and screaming sensations that many people love....

The twin towers after being struck by the terrorists.

One of America’s Most Defining Moments – 9/11

Evelyn Y., Editor October 18, 2021

A day so fearsome and horrific, 20 years later, it is still being remembered as heavily and sorrowfully as when it actually happened. One day, three locations, 19 terrorists, and almost 3,000 people killed....

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