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What is NJHS?

What is NJHS?

Jesse K., Editor June 15, 2022

What is NJHS? NJHS stands for National Junior Honor Society. NJHS is an international student organization that is mainly for middle school students. Leadership, Citizenship, Character, Service, and Scholarship....

Petition Against Whitewashing Racism

Petition Against Whitewashing Racism

Samantha C., Editor June 13, 2022

For months, the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District has been debating the ban of the Critical Race Theory from their schools’ curriculum. The bill supposedly censors topics like slavery, segregation,...

Performing Groups at KMS

Performing Groups at KMS

Maria B., Reporter June 13, 2022

There are tons of different performing groups at KMS, just recently having performed for Open House night. Some groups include Color Guard, the Dance Team, and Band. In total, there are seven performing...

Quarter 4 Success

Tips For Being Successful in Quarter Four

Isabelle P., Reporter June 8, 2022

With the third quarter just ending, grades have been entered into Aeries, and report cards become finalized. Whether they be average, exceptional, or below average, these grades showcase the student’s...

Ivory C.

Student Spotlight: Ivory C.

Ivanna M., Reporter June 8, 2022

No matter where her focus is, Ivory C. always pours her heart and soul into everything she sets her mind to. Ivory C. is successful when she’s at home, at school, or by herself, doing anything she is...

Club Spotlight: Basketball Club

Club Spotlight: Basketball Club

Nicholas T., Reporter June 1, 2022

Shooting their way into Kraemer Middle School’s lineup of clubs is none other than the Basketball Club. This is one of the school’s biggest afterschool clubs, despite it being the newest addition to...

Kraemer Cub Reporter

Online Newspaper Elective at Kraemer Middle School

Pedro G., Reporter June 1, 2022

 The purpose of an elective is to give students a much more fun subject at school to do. It is also for providing the students with an experience they probably have never had before. At Kraemer Middle...


Best Ways to be Productive

Chelsea C., Reporter June 1, 2022

When doing tasks or goals, it is best to be productive and organized. Here are some ways to be productive at all times.  Making a reasonable to-do list is one of them. To-do lists often fail because...

Valencia High School

Valencia High School 8th Grade Showcase

Evelyn Y., Editor June 1, 2022

On the morning of Wednesday, March 23, 2022, Valencia High School held its annual 8th-grade showcase for incoming freshmen in the 2022-2023 school year. Students of Kraemer Middle School and Valadez Middle...

Isaiah L.

Student Spotlight: Isaiah L.

Pedro G., Reporter June 1, 2022

Kids can be smart, crazy, hyper, kind, disobedient, and have many other personalities and characteristics. But they all are very talented in so many ways and are also very lively. Making friends with kids...

#HelpSteve Club

#HelpSteve Club

Ivanna M., Reporter May 31, 2022

Many students of Kraemer Middle School have been exposed to the #HelpSteve movement by teachers and staff members. Now, the movement is proud to announce that several students have helped form a #HelpSteveClub...

Womens History Month

Women’s History Month

Emma W., Editor May 25, 2022

Women’s History Month is celebrated every March to reflect on the often-overlooked contributions women have made to U.S. history.   Women’s History Week was first celebrated in March 1978...

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