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Science Teacher – Mrs. Winn

Mrs. Winn enjoying time with her daughter who she calls her

Ryan S., Reporter

August 29, 2020

Mrs. Winn is a teacher at Kraemer Middle School, who instructs 7th and 8th-grade science. She especially enjoys the lively environment at Kraemer and its unique students who make the school special. Since childhood, Mrs. Winn has been interested in teaching, seeing it as a means by which she could help...

Student Spotlight: Matthew Y.

Student Spotlight: Matthew Y.

Anselle P., Reporter

March 6, 2020

Matthew Y. is currently an eighth grader attending Kraemer Middle School. His electives are Spanish and Biology. As a seventh-grader, he took Chamber Orchestra but wanted to switch to Biology knowing he would take orchestra again in high school. Matthew is also in Geometry Math where he learns high schoo...

Cyber Patriots

This is a picture of Kraemer Middle School's Cyber Patriots team.

Ethan Y., Editor

March 6, 2020

Kraemer Middle School has many clubs that support the different interests and goals of students to participate in. Some of them include Speech & Debate Club, Poetry Club, Art Club and more. Cyber Patriots is a club that involves learning about cybersecurity. Cyber Patriots is the National Youth Cyber E...

Student Spotlight: Logan N.

This is a picture of Logan N. in Kraemer Middle School's quad.

Ben V., Reporter

January 28, 2020

Logan N. is a 7th grader who currently attends Kraemer Middle School. He was born and raised in Placentia, California, and aspires to work in the technology business. He has four people in his family, one sister named Lily, and two parents named Lien and Thanh. Logan has previously attended Brookhaven ...

Museum of Tolerance Review

This is a picture from inside the Museum of Tolerance

Shiven J., Reporter

January 28, 2020

Before Winter Break started, the 8th grade Language Arts GATE classes went to the Museum of Tolerance. Mrs. Steuber’s class went on December 10, 2019 and Mrs. James class went on December 11, 2019. During the tour of the museum, tourists were learn a lot about the Holocaust and how it is affecting our cur...

Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Stanley

This is Mr. Stanley with his wife when they were in the Philippines.

Celine K., Reporter

January 27, 2020

  Mr. Stanely is a new teacher here at Kraemer and teaches AVID and Social Studies. Before Mr. Stanley moved to Kraemer, he taught in the Philippines at St. Paul American School in Luzon. There, he taught 6, 7, and 8th grade Social Science as well as creative writing and American Literature. His fi...

The History of PYLUSD

Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District has a long tradition of pride.

Lauren N., Reporter

December 18, 2019

The history of the Placentia-Yorba-Linda School District has dated all the way back to 1834 when the Spanish government gave Bernardo Yorba a land grant of 13,328 acres. Bernardo Yorba died in 1858, and the land was split between his wife and children, who named the land Yorba Linda. They called the la...

Poetry Club

Poetry club Leader and helping teacher holding poster for poetry club.

Anselle P., Reporter

December 18, 2019

Every Wednesday, Room 705 holds the Poetry Club, during Pride. It is happily run by Ariana P. and Chris J., two eighth-graders who teach and organize each meeting in Mrs. Steuber’s classroom. During the beginning of the school year, GATE 8th grade students were introduced some forms of poetry sparking i...

Chalk Art Contest

Cubby the Reporter checking out the KMS chalk art contest

K. Smith, Advisor

December 12, 2019


New Kraemer Principal, Mr. Young

Mr. Young, the new principal here at Kraemer Middle School in his office

Caitlyn C., Reporter

November 22, 2019

Mr. Young is the new principal for Kraemer Middle School. He was born in La Mirada, California but grew up in Placentia. He has been working with PYLUSD for around 13 years, including this 2019-2020 school year.    When it comes down to food Mr. Young loves to eat at In-n-Out and craves wa...

ASB Life

Mr.Castro and Caitlyn C. in front of the library during 6th period.

Celine K., Reporter

November 22, 2019

  The ASB here at Kraemer serves a big role in Kraemer Middle School. The ASB, Associated Student Body, students plan the school’s dances, activities, assemblies, fundraisers, and the overall presentation of the school. ASB makes Kraemer exciting and fun because they plan all of the school’s...

Kraemer Celebrates Halloween

Cubby the Cub Reporter is enjoying the spoils of trick or treating.

K. Smith, Advisor

November 13, 2019


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