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Black History Month

Black History Month

Kailani C., Reporter March 1, 2021

Black History Month is a yearly celebration of African Americans' achievements and a time to recognize their central role in U.S. history. Black history month was also known as African American History...

Student Spotlight - Giulia D.

Student Spotlight – Giulia D.

Agnes L., Editor March 1, 2021

Giulia D. is a seventh-grader at Kraemer who is in the GATE program. Her electives are Spanish and Speech & Drama. She likes Spanish because learning languages is interesting and enjoyable for her....

Top 5 Must-Read Books from the KMS Library

Top 5 Must-Read Books from the KMS Library

Yamini V., Editor February 25, 2021

The KMS Library has some of the greatest books of all time, and here are a few of the must-reads. First off is the book, One of Us is Lying. This New York Times bestseller is a mystery, romance, and...

Student Spotlight – Dahmi L.

Yena K., Editor February 25, 2021

Dahmi L. is a seventh-grade GATE student at Kraemer Middle School. She is currently 12-years-old and has Yearbook and Band for her elective. She decided to pick Yearbook as one of her electives because...

Student Spotlight - Ali S.

Student Spotlight – Ali S.

Miranda C., Reporter February 1, 2021

Ali S. is a 12-year-old 7th grader at Kraemer Middle School.  Before she came to Kraemer she attended Morse Elementary School.  Even though Ali is new to Kraemer, she still has many friends.  Some friends...

Student Spotlight - Aliyah B.

Student Spotlight – Aliyah B.

Kailani C., Reporter February 1, 2021

Aliyah B.  is currently a 7th-grade student attending Kramer Middle School. For 7th grade, she chose to have PEER Leadership and AVID for her two electives. Next year, she would like to continue in leadership...

Student Spotlight - Annette B.

Student Spotlight – Annette B.

Sahana G., Editor February 1, 2021

Annette B. is a student currently attending Kraemer Middle School. She is in the eighth grade and is 13 years old. Her family includes her mom, dad, younger brother, Joshua, and her dog, Roma. She was...

Student Spotlight - Marisol O.

Student Spotlight – Marisol O.

Annette B., Editor December 14, 2020

Marisol O. is a returning 8th-grade GATE student at Kraemer Middle School. Marisol is a diligent student who is currently in Choir and Speech & Drama. She is repeating these electives from 7th grade...

Student Spotlight - Randee S.

Student Spotlight – Randee S.

Prisha D., Editor November 30, 2020

Randee S. is an 8th grader at Kraemer Middle School. She is a GATE student and is also taking Honors Geometry. This year she is enjoying her two electives, Spanish and TA for computer applications. She...

Student Spotlight - Jordan B.

Student Spotlight – Jordan B.

Yena K., Editor November 10, 2020

Jordan B. is currently a seventh-grade GATE student attending Kraemer Middle School (KMS). She is thirteen years old and has two electives of Spanish and computer applications at KMS. Jordan decided to...

Staff Spotlight - Mrs. Filipescu (Spanish Teacher)

Staff Spotlight – Mrs. Filipescu (Spanish Teacher)

Agnes L., Editor November 5, 2020

Mrs. Filipescu is the Spanish teacher of Kraemer for both 7th grade and 8th grade. She’s been teaching for about 20 years now. Teaching at Kraemer is a wonderful experience for her but she especially...

Mrs. Winn enjoying time with her daughter who she calls her

Science Teacher – Mrs. Winn

Ryan S., Reporter August 29, 2020

Mrs. Winn is a teacher at Kraemer Middle School, who instructs 7th and 8th-grade science. She especially enjoys the lively environment at Kraemer and its unique students who make the school special. Since...

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