Animals with Instagram Accounts

Animals on Instagram

Jason M.

Animals on Instagram

Many people of this generation have downloaded the popular social media app, Instagram. Most use it to update people on their life by showing pictures of where they are or posting messages that describe what they’re doing at the moment, however a new trend has risen up that has persuaded people to create a separate Instagram account for their pets. Before this became popular, many people did include their pets in many of their photos and posts, however some took it to another level by creating a separate account entirely dedicated to their pet. The most followed animal Instagram accounts are all cats and dogs, however there are some unique animals that have hundreds of thousands of followers.

The first animal is a beautiful husky named Loki who has 1.7 million followers. The owner of Loki posts frequent pictures of their dog posing in different landscapes to inspire others to be adventurous and always remember to take their pet outdoors. The next animal is a perma-kitten named Lil Bub with 1.7 million followers on Instagram. She has an odd face because of her condition, but many people find it cute that even with her defect, she’s not afraid to share her face with the world. The owner of Lil Bub is very keen on promoting animal rescue and equality. Yet another dog, Marnie, is a senior rescue dog that has 2.1 million followers and encourages old people to continue having the time of their lives.

An Instagram account with the animal that everyone knows and loves, Grumpy Cat, surprisingly only has 2.4 million followers, about a third of the amount of followers of the most popular animal. Another very popular animal, Shiba Inu Maru, has around 2.6 million followers and loves to smile. By far, the most popular animal is a dog named Jiff the Pom who has 7.4 million followers and is viewed by many as the cutest dog on earth.

Some of the more exotic animals that have Instagram accounts may not have as many followers, but they are still very popular and provide their followers with the adorable pictures they need to get through the day. The first animal is Pumpkin the raccoon, a troublemaker who was rescued along with the two dogs they live with, Toffee and Oreo. Pumpkin broke his leg when he was a month old but is still hanging in there with 1.5 million followers. The most interesting animal Instagram account is probably Jack the wallaby, a macropod which is the same type of animal as a kangaroo. He almost has 29,000 followers and wears adorable clothing when he goes out on walks in the neighborhood with his owner.

The most popular out of the exotic animals is Juniper the fox with around 2.5 million followers. Some people describe Juniper as the happiest fox alive while others categorize him as a dog or cat because of the way he acts. Mr. Bagel the Chinchilla is part of the endangered species that has the softest fur on the planet. The reason for the near extinction of these animals is because over the decades hunters have killed chinchillas to acquire there fur which they would use to make clothing. Mr. bagel has a little more than 100k followers and his owner uses his account to encourage people to adopt and rescue animals rather than buy expensive clothing that relies on the death of more of these beautiful creatures. Finally, the last animal is a hedgehog named Calico with almost 69 thousand followers on Instagram. Calico is one of the most adorable animals on Instagram and normally has photos of himself in different vacation spots and landscapes.

Despite most of the very popular Instagram accounts beings focused on a person’s life, these animal accounts show that animals have interesting lives as well and can entertain the public with either their adorable features or the interesting lives they have just as much as any human ever could.