The United States Mexican-American Border

Border Fence

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Border Fence

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The United State’s border with Mexico is a controversial place, and it is no surprise that it is caught up in a lot of heated tension and opinions. One of President Donald Trump’s main proposals was to increase safety at the border with more security and a wall spanning the entire 1,954 miles. President Trump has still not implemented the wall yet, but due to the recent activity going on with a caravan from Honduras consisting of 7,000 people, the President used this time to boost funding for the project. Nonetheless, the current security stationed at the border that is supposed to be protecting the states, and what ideas and tactics should actually be used to stop the 7 million pounds of drugs coming through the border each year? Sure, enough a more effective wall would stop a handful of illegal immigrants, however, the wall can’t stop airplanes which transports about 530,000 people who overstay with legal visas. Asylum Seekers, who make up most of the immigrants apprehended at the border, also would not be affected by the wall since they present themselves to border agents at legal ports of entry. Furthermore, border security told the New York Times that they find tunnels at least once a month.

 This is why the Mexican border is such a debatable place, and why politicians aim for its security. The current wall between Mexico only covers about 653 miles of the actual border span. It is mostly made of reinforced fencing. Usually topped with barbed wire, it is in poor condition and makes perfect for people to invade. The United States has seen its border apprehensions of illegal immigrants going down every year, wherein the year 2017, there was only 303,916 people were apprehended. Contrasted to its peak of 1.6 million people in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. In view of the fact that apprehensions are declining, it is no surprise that the control at the border is very weak. Six companies have been making prototype walls, and tactical teams try them out to see if they are full proof or not. The walls were designed to deter drugs and illegal immigrants, most from getting more narrow reaching the top. Some are designed with cylinders, making it harder to hang on. A few types are transparent, as Donald Trump requested, where agents can see through it in order to spot large sacks of drugs and other illegal items. It makes the officers patrolling easier to stop and see illegal activities. Donald Trump visited the prototypes and examined them. Each prototype was about 18 to 30 feet high.

All in all, our politicians need to improve border security and different ways to stop illegal immigrants and items, due to the fact the wall proposal will only stop a handful of the nations giant problem.