Shark Attack


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Will Krause was a shark attack victim who went spearfishing with several of his friends in the Bahamas. While they were there, an aggressive reef shark attacked him and bit his head, leaving several open wounds on his neck and head. Luckily he survived and his sustained injuries were patched up at a nearby hospital. Will Krause said that the only thing he remembers during the attack was the crunching sound of his head, which he said: “was not the most pleasant sound.” Will Krause took the experience surprisingly well, staying as calm as he could while sailing back to land. On the other hand, his friends were in a commotion of distress, not knowing if Will would survive the injuries or make it back safely in time to treat his wounds. They returned and carried him to the nearest hospital where they treated his wounds and sent him back home to his worried family.

The story of this man’s near-death experience has startled a few individuals and brought back the topic of sharks being very dangerous and frightening. Despite these people’s worries, the fact is that there are only 155 shark attack cases in a year and only 88 of them are unprovoked. While some may think that 88 attacks is outrageous and something should be done to prevent them, most of the attacks are not lethal (only about 10 are lethal per year), and there are many other animals that kill thousands and even millions of people per year. Examples of these animals are mosquitos, snakes, dogs, and even humans.

Even though some say that sharks are dangerous, and efforts should be made to prevent these accidents, they are not of anyone’s concern because of their very low death causing statistics. Even though nothing is being done to prevent these incidents, there are some things that people can do to prevent getting attacked by an aggressive shark. To avoid sharks, swimming in the daylight with a group that is not too far away from the shore is always a good idea. Other tactics include, not wearing jewelry, not going into the water with a bleeding wound, avoiding waters were fishing is taking place, don’t wear brightly colored clothing when swimming, don’t go past parts of the ocean where there is a steep cliff-edge, and most importantly never go into an area where you can see sharks.

Will Krause experienced a miracle after surviving what should’ve been a lethal shark attack, but not everyone has to fear sharks because of this uncommon occurrence. The waters are still safe, but there are some precautions that people can take to make themselves feel 100% safe in the depths of the ocean.