Mexico’s Immigrants Met With Tear Gas at Mexico-US Border

US Border Wall

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US Border Wall

Mexico has been in a big conflict with the US over immigration for a while now. There have been many illegal immigrants crossing the border under the radar, and it has not been taken lightly. On Sunday, a large group of migrants attempted to cross the border while protesting. Both nations were aware of this large group of protesters, however, Mexico did nothing to prevent or de-escalate the situation. It is illegal for these people to cross the border without proper paperwork, but some say that the actions taken by the border enforcement were too harsh.

Many of the migrants were claiming that they were crossing the border seeking asylum, which makes crossing legal. However, so many people have been trying to do this, that the U.S can not accept them immediately. Only forty to one hundred people are allowed to seek asylum every day, and the U.S cannot let the people in, but also cannot deny asylum, as seeking asylum is protected by U.S. and international law.

Quite a few people have shared their anger at the border enforcement agents for using tear gas. A witness at the border reports that Mexican authorities attempted to contain the crowd, but many got past them and went to the chain link, barbed wire topped fence that separates the US and Mexico. The witness said that many started pushing up against the fence where the US border enforcement began deploying tear gas. The effects were felt for up to half a mile, and many women and children were affected.

Another witness, who was a border enforcement agent at the scene, claimed that the migrants began throwing rocks at border enforcement officers, and they then used tear gas in self-defense. Several US officers had reported having been struck by rocks but not injured.

In total, there were about 140 immigrants arrested at the border. Ninety-eight were arrested by Mexican enforcement agents and 42 by the US. These were including all the women and children. No one was killed or badly injured.