US Missionary Killed on Remote Island

North Sentinel Island

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North Sentinel Island

A US Missionary, named John Allen Chau was killed by bows and arrows of the North Sentinelese tribespeople.  The young missionary went to the island to tell them about the Bible. He was murdered by the North Sentinelese tribespeople and police are currently trying to retrieve his body from the island.

The survivalists’ authorities which are a group who wants human tribes to stay alive warn the government that they should not retrieve the bodies because they could transmit diseases to the Sentinelese tribe causing them to go extinct.  The bodies of the Sentinelese are more vulnerable to many diseases as they have never been exposed to them. The Sentinelese have been isolated from the rest of the world for hundreds of years, as all visitors have usually been killed. The Sentinelese are known for being hostile towards intruders and have killed any outsiders that walked on their island.

However, the police are still deciding whether they should go and retrieve his body from the island and charge the tribe for murder or not.  The police have already arrested a fisherman who helped Mr. Chau get to the island for charges of manslaughter.

The police are worried because there have been previous incidents in which the tribe has killed innocent people who never went to try and kill or steal from the tribespeople.  One example is when two fishermen washed up on the shore trying to collect crabs and were killed by bows and arrows by the tribespeople.

Authorities warn the police because they could spread many diseases to the Sentinelese that would wipe them out, and in Chau’s journal, he wrote that “if anything happens to me, do not retrieve my body for the sake of their eternal lives.”

The police are not willing to go to the island and recover his body at the risk of death and risking the lives of the tribe.  The police are most likely to leave his body on the island because they do not want to disturb the tribe or the island. A man named Pandit survived visiting the island and he gave gifts to the tribespeople and left with his life.  He says that “I feel sad for the young man who died, but he had plenty of chances to leave and it was not anyone’s fault.”

Mr. Chau was a missionary who went to spread the word of God and try to turn the tribe into Christians, but his fatal mistake cost him his life.  John Allen Chau was passionate about God and he was willing to go all the way to the island with the risks of losing his life. Mr. Chau’s family and friends are mourning and say that he “Lived his life for God, and died for God.”