Have Disney & Pixar Run Out of Movie Ideas?

 Disney logo introduced in 2011.

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Disney logo introduced in 2011.


Recently, there have been some complaints from movie critics that movie companies Disney and Pixar haven’t been coming out with any fresh ideas for movie topics. To be fair, their latest movies have been phenomenal, but aren’t new and unique. The newest movie idea was Coco, and audiences are not going to see a new idea for a long time. In the next two years, there are going to be 14 new Disney movies. That is a lot in just two years! There are only going to be 2 new movies that Disney has created. Those movies are Artemis Fowl and Jungle Cruise. Famous actor, Dwayne Johnson, is going to be starring in the new film, Jungle Cruise.


Disney needs some new ideas. Twelve of the new movies coming out are remakes, live-action remakes, and sequels. The newest Pixar film that is coming out is Toy Story 4, in 2019.  Disney is making Mary Poppins Returns, Lion King (Live-Action), Mulan (Live-Action), Aladdin (Live-Action), Dumbo (Live-Action) and Lady and the Tramp (sequel). They have outdone it with The Jungle Book, Pete’s Dragon, Cinderella, Beauty and The Beast, and 101 Dalmatians.


There is no doubt that the upcoming movies are going to be amazing, but Disney needs some new, and fresh ideas. Disney and Pixar, are very good at building nostalgia. One example of that is the movie The Incredibles 2. Pixar made The Incredibles in the year of 2004 and made The Incredibles 2 in 2018. Pixar did that to build nostalgia, for people. People who are now grown up probably remember watching the movie as a child. When it was said that Pixar was making an Incredibles 2 they could’ve thought, “Yes! Finally, they’re making a second one. I remember loving that movie as a kid!”


Disney and Pixar haven’t been coming up with new movies, but it doesn’t really matter what Disney wants to do, it’s what their audiences want to see. That’s what Disney cares about. The company makes that their first priority when it comes to movie making. Some people think that they need new ideas and that they shouldn’t be remaking so many movies, but Disney doesn’t really care what that small group of people say. Disney and Pixar go with what the majority says. People beg to differ that Disney has run out of ideas, but others say that it’s what people want to see. It’ll be fun, and exciting to see what else Disney and Pixar have to offer their audiences as the years go on.