US Naval Academy in NCAA 2018

US Naval Academy

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US Naval Academy

The U.S. Naval Academy, home to many naval officers, has just made history! Five years ago, Navy started their career at the bottom of the patriot league coached by Larry Bock. In 2015 they made a major upset and went to the quarter-finals, 2016, semi-finals and last year, they carried their team to the finals of the Patriot League. Larry Bock then retired in the summer of 2018 leaving the girls shocked and doubtful. They had no idea that this upcoming season would leave the rest of their team feeling satisfied.

After their rival game where they played army, the Midshipmen then believed they had the experience to become champions. The day came where they would play the 15-year champions in the American. After a tough season where they battled through every set, the Mids were well prepared. The game was entertaining. They battled it out for five sets, but finally, Navy took the lead and won 15 to 9. This was history. The victory assured them a position in the first round of NCAA playoffs for the first time.

Recently it has been announced that the Midshipmen will play Michigan on November 31st. The mids will travel three hours by bus to Pittsburgh and hopefully upset the 18th seed.

The naval academy is a wonderful opportunity for many students looking for a steady future. Their first year the Freshman must attend plebe summer. All summer, they work hard and train their bodies to go through different obstacles. Throughout their four years attending this military school, all students are required to wear a uniform that shows their class, and status in their company. After they complete their degree, the Midshipmen must serve five years of service in the navy. The tasks may vary from a pilot to a mechanical engineer. The current members of the U.S. Naval Academy volleyball team have already begun thinking about their career.