Blackhawks trade Schmaltz to Coyotes for Strome and Perlini



Schmaltz Traded for Strome and Perlini

The Chicago Blackhawks and the Arizona Coyotes are in yet another trade with one another. On November 25th, late Sunday night, the Blackhawks decided to trade forward Nick Schmaltz for other forwards Dylan Strome and Brendan Perlini of the Coyotes. Both Strome and Perlini, as well as Schmaltz are all young as they aren’t even 25 yet!

Nick Schmaltz is an American professional ice hockey player from Madison, Wisconsin. He was drafted 20th overall during the 2014 draft of the Chicago Blackhawks. Before he played hockey at the University of North Dakota and helped the team win the 2016 NCAA championship. Being a flexible forward, he scored 46 points in 37 games playing as a center in the top line of North Dakota’s 2015-2016 team. He was also only a sophomore!

Even though he scored 21 goals and 31 assists getting a total of 52 points in 78 games, the Blackhawks organization is not impressed with his lack of effort this season. In total this season he has two goals and nine assists giving him 11 points overall, playing in 23 games. He admitted to not trying hard enough and was ‘shocked’ when he found out the news. Still, he is ready to adapt and play with his new team as it is common for trade to happen in sports.

Dylan Strome is a Canadian professional ice hockey player from Mississauga, Canada. He was drafted 3rd overall during the 2015 draft by Arizona Coyotes. He was considered to be a top prospect. Strome played hockey with the Toronto Marlboros in the 2012-13 season. He was able to make a name for himself there. Another way he made a name for himself was by scoring four goals and two assists in five games for Canada at the 2016 World Junior Championship, tying himself with another great hockey player Mitch Marner.

Thought Strome was good? Listen to how many points Strome had in his recent seasons. Last season Schmaltz played a total of 21 games and only scored 9 points. Since being traded to the Blackhawks, he only has played one game which was against the Vegas Golden Knights in which he scored 2 points. That is almost half of what he got when he was in Arizona. There is better potential to work with as the Blackhawks signed some new young prospects.

Brendan Perlini is a British-born Canadian professional ice hockey player. He was drafted in the 2014 draft in the first round being 12th overall. He had 71 points (34 goals, 37 assists) in 58 games with Niagara of the Ontario Hockey League in 2013-14 and also played junior hockey before he decided to play in the NHL.

Perlini does not even compare to Strome or Schmaltz. He has played over 23 games this season and has only scored 6 points. Still, Perlini has played 154 games and only scored over 57 goals in his entire NHL career.

In the end, both teams are hoping that their new additions will help them reach the playoffs. In Arizona, the Coyotes could really use somebody like Schmaltz because he could be of good use on their top-line. In Chicago, the Blackhawks are starting to draft and have younger players play in games, which Strome and Perlini help.