Google Buys Business Park for $1 Billion

Google, one of the biggest and most successful companies ever, has just made a 1 billion dollar purchase of a park. This is the region’s biggest real estate purchase. The park is named the Britannia Shoreline and it isn’t a regular park, it is a technology park. This technology park is a 795,663 square-foot office complex.

Every square foot of the park was $1,259. This business park has 12 buildings and was originally owned by the Linkedin Mountain View Headquarters. This park is only minutes away from another one of Google’s complexes in San Jose, San Francisco. Overall in the U.S.A, this would be the second biggest real estate purchase all year. Throughout the region, Google has spent 3 billion dollars in real estate in the last two years. This includes when they started buying complexes, buildings, and more from Silicon Valley. The money Google makes from this park will go to their debts and also improving their products. Google is known for making big purchases and this is just another one of the big purchases that they have made.

With Google’s new purchase, they do not plan to relocate their employees, nor redevelop the buildings. Although Google is working on nearby complexes, they are still putting the Mountain View park first before the other complexes they have. Google is planning very big things near the Mountain View park like another 800,000 square foot complex and a garage that can occupy 1,800 vehicles. Google bought this complex to improve their products and also pay off debts. This will be one of the more important business places they own and it will also strengthen their business and make Google a better company. The park is in one of Google’s most important areas in California where they do most of their work so who knows what they will accomplish at this park.

Overall, Google is always striving for perfection. They are always making the world a better place while continuing to make technology that people thought was impossible. All of the workers do their best to make Google better. As Google’s slogan says, “Do the right thing,” Google believes they are doing the right thing by buying this business park to make their company a bigger and better place.