Should the Government Fund More Money Into Technology?


via Pixabay


Technology is everywhere. Whether it is a nearby device or created by a device, it is still all around. In the U.S., more and more new technology is being invented and created. The U.S. is considered one of the world’s most technologically advanced country as exciting and useful devices are popping up everywhere. But should the government fund more money into technology?

As of 2016, 58% of the schools in the U.S. have access to laptops on carts. It is because the Chromebooks are expensive, as it is over $150 per Chromebook. In total, it would cost over $6000 for a cart full of Chromebooks. If the government funds more into companies that make laptops, they can decrease the price and give less fortunate schools Chromebooks as charity. With this, students can access internet tutorials and simulations that allow them to learn even faster and better.

With better technology, people can carry out tough tasks improving the present and future. Scientists can run their experiments faster and control all the variables to get a precise result. Doctors can use nanorobots (a robot built at a molecular level to help cells) to eradicate or prevent illnesses the immune system can’t fight or see. With more advanced technology, the U.S. can accomplish other goals. Goals, like traveling to Mars and producing more crops by using chemical fertilizer, can be reached with technology helping people attain more.

The government investing in technology could also benefit themselves. They could cut costs by over one trillion in the next ten years with it. It can make missions less risky and more efficient to accomplish. Upgrading systems like cybersecurity and optimizing processes like energy use can help them get information faster safely without hackers getting in and stealing information and at the same time, save energy. With all the money saved, the government can fund more projects to prepare for the future.

With more government funds into technology, many people can benefit from it. Schools would have Chromebooks available always, doctors would be able to prevent or eradicate illness with robots and other forms of technology, the U.S. could complete more long-term goals, and it would save over a trillion dollars in the future. As shown, the government funding more money into technology could help citizens and save money in the future from technological risks.