Simone Biles Rocks the World Championships


via Emmanuel Dunand

Simone Biles at Olympics

In the recent 2018 worldwide gymnastics championships, occurring from October 25 to November 3, Simone Biles won a medal in each event. She even broke a record as the first gymnast ever to win six gold medals at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, or the Worlds. This took place in Doha, Qatar, located in the Middle East. The night before the competitions started, Biles didn’t know whether or not she could compete due to her being in the hospital. She had a kidney stone and was not allowed to take medication to pass it, due to the rules and regulations of doping. She says, “I think there’s a lot to be proud of, but I’m most proud of that I’m here, I made all the event finals, medaled in all of the events and I survived,” talking about how she was able to be at the championships and was grateful that she was able to do well after coping in the hospital.

Simone Biles is age 21 and is the first woman to win medals in all of the events since a woman named Yelena Shushunova of the Soviet Union in 1987. On the floor exercise, she received a gold medal, on the balance beam, a bronze medal, and on the uneven bars, silver.

The floor exercise consisting of a series of dance, tumbling, and ballet moves, along with flips, handsprings, and more. She stepped out of bounds but wasn’t docked enough to put her in silver. Her score was around one point higher than her teammate, Morgan Hurd’s score. Biles struggled on the balance beam, just above four feet from the ground. She fell from the beam once and stumbled multiple times, later seeing a tweet about her fans’ disappointment in her. Biles felt it necessary that she tweets back, telling them that they cannot set the expectations for her and that it was unfair for them to do so.

Even with her setbacks, Biles still won many medals and also broke her record of gold medals in the Worlds with fourteen medals, the most that any man or woman has ever won. She said that after treatment for the kidney stone, she will go on a vacation to take a small break. After that, Biles will keep on training for the 2020 Olympics taking place in Tokyo.

Simone Biles has worked hard and likes setting her standards, which is why she re-tweeted back to the person who reprimanded her. She is very accomplished who breaks not only other gymnasts records but her own, raising the bar for herself and her competition. Even with her kidney stone, she broke a world record, which her close followers didn’t even acknowledge when she got bronze on the balance beam. Her standards are so high her fans expect the best of her and only the best. Simone Biles is a fantastic gymnast.