Can the Rams Win a Super Bowl?

Rams in the Super Bowl

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Rams in the Super Bowl

The Rams have started off the first half of the 2018-2019 NFL season with an astonishing record of 8-0. Unfortunately, the Rams suffered their first loss to the New Orleans Saints, but that still doesn’t change many NFL analysts believing that the Rams are super bowl contenders. They have tremendous coaching, outstanding offense, defense, and have a good remaining schedule.

The Rams have the second best chance to win Super Bowl LIII under only the New England Patriots. All of America could watch one of the best Super Bowls in history between the Rams and Patriots. The Rams have MVP candidate Todd Gurley as their running back, and the number one overall pick in last years draft, Jared Goff as their superstar quarterback. Their wide receivers are all headed for one thousand yard seasons. Cooper Kupp, Brandin Cooks, and Robert Woods are all elite players that could all make a Pro Bowl appearances. three elite receivers who have been helping Jared Goff get to where they are right now. Their defense has also been showing signs of brilliance. Aaron Donald has been leading the way with ten sacks this season for the Rams defense. John Johnson has three interceptions and has scored one touchdown. The Rams defense ranks among one of the best in the league and their offense have been in the top 5 throughout the whole season. To add on to this, the Rams coaching staff is smart and knows when to put in and out players, and call the right plays to help the team win.

The rest of the season, the Rams play the Seahawks, Chiefs, Lions, Bears, Eagles, Cardinals, and 49ers. Of these teams, the Chiefs and Bears are the only teams with winning records, so could end up with one loss this season. If the Rams were to lose, it would probably be against either the Chiefs or Bears. Besides that, the Rams could end up winning the rest of their games and make a playoff appearance. They would have to lose half of their games from now on, and the Seahawks would have to win four games, so the Seahawks at left have somewhat of a chance.

In the playoffs, the only challenge the Rams would have to face is the Chiefs. The Chiefs are 8-1 like the Rams and have a young superstar named Patrick Mahomes. He is running for MVP and also has great wide receivers to pass it to. At the same time, they have pro bowler Kareem Hunt as their star running back. He surprised everyone last year and continues to do the same. The Chiefs defense is also very well. If the Rams were to play against them in the playoffs, it would be an interesting game to watch. If the Rams do make the Super Bowl, they would more than likely play the infamous New England Patriots led by Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. The Patriots have shown that they aren’t unbeatable. Last year in the Super Bowl, the Patriots loss to the Eagles, while the Eagles were using backup quarterback Nick Foles. So if the Rams were to make the Super Bowl, they do have a chance against the Patriots. They could also play against a different team, but chances are that they would play the Patriots.

The Rams have many chances to make the Super Bowl. They have young studs, above average veterans, and great coaching. They have already shown that the Rams are one of the top teams in the league and believe that they are the best team in the league. Overall, the Rams will have to go through many obstacles but do have the skills to take it the distance.