Is the Government Watching People too much?

Security Camera

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Security Camera

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In the past few decades technology has made a large impact on citizens lives whether it is in the form of everyday electronics or very advanced systems used in labs. Out of the thousands of pieces of technology, the two that are constantly keeping an eye on citizens are cameras and the internet. Most people don’t pay close attention to these monitoring devices while others feel like they are invading their privacy.
The people that don’t mind the supposed invasion of privacy are either ignorant of that topic or just don’t mind that the authorities are always overseeing them. They also identify the benefits of this continuous monitoring which are that Google can suggest videos on YouTube and show ads that cater to their liking, while street cameras can record footage of anything out of the ordinary so that policemen can witness the incident or violation that took place.
People who feel that their personal privacy is being violated are mostly bothered by cameras because they are physical objects that people can see every day, while the internet is a piece of programming that only tracks their search history. Certain people aren’t bothered by internet tracking because they are aware that it benefits them, and other companies that advertise by showing different suggestions based off of what they have searched recently. These people and others that are against street cameras argue that the purpose of these security devices isn’t important and that the people’s privacy should be put first.
This topic or what some would call an issue, was more popular in 2016 when everyone was realizing that Google had been surveilling them. They figured this out after many intellectuals and reporters posted articles regarding the subject. Since then, it’s been two years and many people who were utterly surprised that their personal privacy was being violated are perfectly comfortable with the suggestions and other benefits of Google watching what they search.
Google is definitely not using what they learn from their search history to do anything that will cause harm to anybody, and are simply using this tracking system to advertise, which helps small and large companies alike and be helpful by showing suggestions. Even with that, some people will still argue that privacy is more important than any of these Google add-ons.
Securities cameras are without a doubt very helpful because if a crime or a car accident were to occur, the police would need to examine the footage to either see who was in the wrong during a car accident, or what a suspect looked like and what they were driving. Others complain that these devices are not needed and that other alternatives could be used, but it would be absurd to change an entire system based on the complaints of a few individuals. Some say that the images taken by these security cameras should not be sent to the government because they are afraid of how they will utilize the images.
Yet another complaint in terms of privacy was being bothered by neighbors’ security cameras. This complaint seems to make more sense because neighbors could do anything with the footage they record, whereas, in most people’s eyes, the government can be trusted. Hopefully most neighbors are decent human beings who won’t do anything nefarious with the footage, however, some people who don’t have the most pleasant neighbors are afraid that they could use the footage against them. The shared fear is that neighbors would find the ins and outs of their house so that they could rob it.
Despite the fact that several communities argue that each of these devices makes them feel uncomfortable and intrude on their privacy, most are not impacted and do not take note of these pieces of technology. The government, while it is keeping tabs on everyone, it is not invading their personal privacy, but instead trying to benefit communities and everyone as a whole in the best way possible.