Early November Fortnite Updates

has been on top of the updating game as Fortnite continues to get updates every week. Most of these updates have been about maintenance, but other updates have released new weapons, items, and skins. These updates are needed to make players continue to be interested in Fortnite.

One of the recent updates has been the Balloons. They are one of the many new methods of transportation that Epic has been adding to Fortnite. The Balloons are of the epic rarity and can be found as floor loot, in chests, in llamas, and vending machines. Balloons come in stacks of twenty and allow players to defy gravity by floating in the air. Players can also use Balloons to jump higher, but one disadvantage is that players become very slow when floating with Balloons. This helps other players easily damage whoever is floating. Balloons are an interesting item, but they are not the most practical ones.

The Heavy AR is a new gun that has been added to Fortnite. Similar with the Heavy Sniper, the Heavy AR has a high damage per shot, but a low rate of fire. It is available in three different rarities. Rare, epic, and legendary. The damage it does in each rarity is 44, 46, and 48. Headshots shots from the Heavy AR will result in two times its base damage. Epic has revealed that the Heavy AR is most useful during short bursts of action. Heavy AR’s can be found as floor loot, in chests, in vending machines, and in supply drops.

Another surprise that Epic has provided the Fortnite community is the new football skins. Epic has teamed up with the NFL and has made a bunch of skins with football team jerseys. Players can choose which team jersey and number they want their character to have, providing for a fun, unique skin that players can create. However, there is a max amount of football skins that one player can have. The amount each player can have is eight football skins. Each football skin costs about 15 dollars in real life. Though they might seem too expensive, these skins are perfect for NFL and Fortnite fans.

Team Terror, the new LTM for Fortnite is a game mode where two teams of thirty-two players fight to win. However, there is a twist. Cube monsters from the Halloween event will be spawning in this game mode. These monsters will be trying to kill players on both teams. In addition, there will be loot and material bonuses in this LTM. Ammo and consumables are doubled and materials are increased by 75%. This game mode is like the 50 v 50 game modes, but with more twists.

All in all, Epic has continued to be busy with its hit game Fortnite. As more and more items and LTMs are added to this game, players can expect to never be bored with the new things that Epic adds.