It’s Boba Time

The fast-growing trending drink, boba, has made it across the ocean from Taiwan to the USA. What is boba anyway? Boba is a tiny round tapioca pearl that is served in many drinks. A typical boba drink is served in fruit, milk teas as well as slushes, and many other drinks. There are many places across California to get boba including Sharetea, Roasting Water, Kung Fu Tea, Mini Monster, and It’s Boba Time.

Sharetea has locations in 18 countries and over 450 stores. Sharetea was originally established in Taipei, Taiwan and started by selling only black tea and pearl milk tea. Recently, the franchise has introduced three new Holiday exclusive drinks; a Pumpkin Latte, Pumpkin Almond Milk Tea, and Pumpkin Crema. Sharetea’s drinks are loved by everyone. They have a top ten drink menu with drinks from a QQ Happy Family Milk Tea to refreshing Hawaiian Fruit Tea. Sharetea has a wide selection of different kinds of drinks to fit everybody’s taste buds.

Roasting Water is a boba cafe with locations all across Southern California.  They use recyclable bottles to benefit the environment. They also use all natural and fresh fruit to make their teas, smoothies, slushies, and lemonades. They also don’t use coloring, powders, or syrups, and instead, they use organic elements to create their amazing taste. To add on to their unique drinks, they have other add-ons besides boba, like fruit jellies, pudding, and other sweets. Roasting Water has many amazing drinks and combines different flavors to make their unique drinks.

Kung Fu Tea has many different drinks and is coming out with new ones every single day. Kung Fu Tea aims for self-improvement and expanding beyond its limits. They set the bar high for their employees and their customer service. In the future, they want to create refined drinks and have stores all around the world. Kung Fu Tea is happy to announce that they are opening new stores in Canada for the first time. Their businesses are starting to venture out of Asia and into Canada, North America, and Australia.

The next cafe is known for their creative, fun boba drinks served in a light bulb. Snow Monster serves not only fresh, warm boba to top of the delicious drinks, but also macaron ice cream sandwiches made from scratch. Snow Monster’s light bulb boba drinks are topped with cotton candy, a flower crown, or cotton candy with fruity pebbles. They have lattes, fruit and milk teas, horchatas, and more fun drinks. Snow Monster insists that if the customer isn’t satisfied, then they will make them a whole new drink. Snow Monster is an Instagram worthy boba place that has saved over 1.2 million plastic cups from going into a landfill.

It’s Boba Time is the last tea house. It’s Boba Time has locations all around Los Angeles and is currently expanding thought Southern California. In 2003, they started their business with only 40 different drinks but now grown to over 140 drinks. It’s Boba Time has become the most famous boba shop in LA and their most popular locations are visited by over 1,000 people a day. They have drinks for all ages, from a chocolate Oreo shake to a healthy detox fruit juice. Boba has evolved from Taiwan and became a fun added texture to anyone’s favorite drink.