Discrimination at US Universities


via Blue Diamond Gallery


Discrimination against Asian Americans are not only at Yale and Harvard, the two schools that are on the news, but it is also at universities all across the United States of America. It all started a few years back when people wanted to make the schools more diverse using affirmative action. Affirmative action is an action favoring the people who tend to suffer from discrimination, usually in academics and employment. There were a lot of immigrants that had come from Asia to America and ended up being very educated before college and wanted to attend Harvard or Yale but had a few problems getting into there. Here is an example of what might happen: two people apply to Harvard or Yale, one an Asian American and one an African American. The Asian American applied with higher grades and better SAT scores and the African American applied with lower grades and a lower SAT score. Harvard or Yale, whichever one they both applied to, would most likely choose the African American person to go to that university because they want more diversity. The universities think that there are too many Asian Americans at the colleges.

Discrimination against Asian Americans have been going on since 2013 for Harvard and they haven’t done a thing to prevent it. Harvard had finally been sued after the 5 long years of racial discrimination that they had no effort to stop. They held a trial that lasted three weeks and ended last Friday. The results are still not one hundred percent clear on which side got the benefit. The people, mainly Asian Americans, who wanted to go to Harvard might decide to attend a different university because of the discrimination that is shown there, but there are cases where other people are discriminated. A Mexican American girl, named Theresa Vargas, applied to Harvard with a high GPA score and a strong SAT score for the school she was at, a high-poverty, high-crime school, so her SAT score wasn’t the standard 1600 but was acceptable for Harvard. A few months after applying to the university she got her application back with a stamp that read “Sample” and a Post-It note apologizing for the mistake. The post-it note said that there was a mix-up in their guidance counselor’s office at her high-school because they didn’t imagine anyone would be applying to any of the top-tier schools like Harvard, which was the school Theresa applied to. She requested to get a copy of her application so she could re-apply to Harvard. The second time she sent her application, the school office sent it to Harvard and she was accepted into the university. But it is not only Harvard taking a stand-in discrimination of the Asian Americans.

All of the universities in the United States of America are, in some way discriminating Asian Americans when they apply to the university. But the university that sided with Harvard was Yale. The university actually sided with Harvard, which was hard to believe. When a group of Asian Americans applied to Yale, they also sent a letter to them about the race-based policies at the elite universities. They complained and wanted them to change the policies so that none of them were bias or racist. After there were a good amount of complaints about the policies, part of the US government started to investigate Yale over the complaint of the bias policies against Asian Americans. The government started the investigation in September of 2018, but the results are still unclear. There is discrimination against the Asian Americans everywhere and at all of the universities but there is no way to stop all of the discrimination people just have to live life the way it is.

All the universities across the USA are discriminating Asian Americans and even though people are doing everything in their power to stop it, like suing the school, they won’t do anything to stop it. Asian Americans have to fight through the discrimination and believe in themselves.