DELTA RUNE- a Sequel, Or Something More?


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Undertale is the RPG that rocked the world and became one of the most famous, beloved Indie (developed by itself, or without financial help) games of 2015. It gained critical praise and has been called an instant cult classic. Undertale was known for its notorious nonchalant breaking of the 4th wall, its unique ability to spare enemies, and the integration of game mechanics such as Saving and Loading files so that everything and anything is part of this magical, quirky spiritual successor to the cult classic EarthBound. However, since 2015, the hype has died down, and even though the fandom is plenty alive, many consider it dead. Even now, in 2018, pop culture says it’s okay to even “hate” it. After all, the story is done. It would be hard to make a sequel for Undertale for many reasons. Two of them are the plot and its status. The story of Undertale goes off in many directions depending on the players’ actions, so there isn’t a clear way to start it off.  Additionally, Indie games rarely get a sequel because of the difficulty of making a single game. Because of this, people settled on Undertale as a stand-alone game.

But on October 30, 2018, Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale, released some very cryptic tweets. “Have you been looking for me?… I have been looking for you as well. I have something I want to show you. Something you will find very very interesting.” Toby Fox tells the reader to come back in 24 hours, after warning the reader that it is, “Far from complete.” The next day, he thanks the reader for waiting so long by saying, “After all, you and I…have both been waiting for such a very long time. Finally, on the verge of connection. …I look forward to creating a new future with you.” Then he calls for Delta Rune to show itself, and promptly releases the website for the game, which leads the reader to the download.

The download page warns that it is only a demo and calls it “Chapter 1,” so players might expect maybe a couple minutes of gameplay. However, what they don’t expect is a full-fledged 3-hour game.

At first, it seems that this world takes place after the events of Undertale if the player didn’t kill anyone, known to fans as a Mercy/Pacifist Run/Route. (As opposed to when the player kills everyone- the No Mercy/Genocide Run/Route.) Soon though, the player might notice differences. Some characters that know each other in Undertale don’t in Delta Rune. Some characters’ names are anagrams of their original names, and a character named Suzy in Undertale is called Susie here. On top of all of that, it ends with a very…interesting cliffhanger. (To anyone who hasn’t played the game, no more spoilers will be revealed, and the rest of the article will be devoted to non-spoiling information.)

By now, many fans are confused. What is going on? This is clearly not the same world as Undertale, at least not the exact same. Toby explains, “I will say that basically, what you’re seeing here is not the world of ‘UNDERTALE,’” Fox states. “‘Deltarune’s’ world is a different one. With different characters, that have lived different lives.” To Undertale fans, this explanation may sound similar to something the fandom is infamous for- their AUs.

Alternate Universes, or AUs, are universes made by fans that replicate the world of Undertale, except that one or more things are changed, or altered. Perhaps some characters switch personalities, or instead of the story place underground, it takes place in space.

Perhaps this is an AU, where the events of Undertale never happened- and more accurately, the war between the humans and the monsters (which takes place before the game) never happened, meaning the monsters never got banished to the Underground. In Undertale, a character mentions giving up trying to go home a long time ago, because fans know that this character has an uncanny knowledge of past playthroughs, even to the point of telling the player not to tell the other AU versions of himself something. Could this be the place that the character was talking about? In Delta Rune, everyone was much happier than they were in Undertale. It’s very possible.

But until Toby Fox releases the next chapters, we won’t know for sure. Everything in Delta Rune so far has been obscure so there isn’t too much to base facts on. Until then, stay tuned!

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