US Calls for Cease Fire in Yemen

Cease Fire

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Cease Fire

U.S. officials have called for a cease-fire in the war in Yemen. The war was being led by Saudi Arabia against the Houthi rebels, who have killed more than 10,000 people since 2015. The United States has been selling arms to its ally Saudi Arabia for many years and has made several billion dollars in sales. The United States also refuels their jets in mid-air, and provides them with military training and shares intelligence. Now the U.S. wants Saudi Arabia to call for a cease-fire and try to negotiate peace with the rebels.

The U.S. first plans to negotiate an end to the war with Saudi Arabia, but if that doesn’t work, then they will halt weapon sales, forcing the Saudi’s to cease fire. Last year the U.S. made over $5.5 billion, and $1.7 billion increase since 2009. If the U.S. were to stop their sales, Saudi Arabia would have no choice but to attempt to negotiate peace without any help to proceed with combat.

The war has been going for over three and a half years and has caused serious damage to major cities, as well as ruin the economy. The country was already in a state of extreme poverty, but with the war, it is in a worse state than ever before. In fact, a major reason for the U.S. to call for a cease-fire is to end the suffering of millions of innocent people who have been affected by the war. Many citizens suffer from starvation due to the lack of food after the bombings or get ill from the ash that fills the skies. This is assuming they survive the rebel attacks in the first place, which alone have killed almost a million people. The U.S. has given Saudi Arabia a 30-day deadline before they end any planned arms deals related to the war. However, some believe that the deadline is too long of a time to wait for the problem to be resolved and think the issue should be resolved immediately. The U.S. then shortened the deadline after a U.S. reporter for the Washington Post, Jamal Khashoggi, was strangled and dismembered on his trip to Saudi Arabia to write about the subject, supposedly by the government themselves. Jamal was a known critic of Prince Mohammed bin Salman, which may have been the reason behind his murder.

Whether or not the U.S.’s request for a cease-fire will work is unknown, but the U.S. refuses to support the war further in any way until some sort of negotiations are made.