Brigham Young University: Women’s Volleyball


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August 31, 2018, was the turning point for Brigham Young University women’s volleyball. It was the game point in the fifth set. The crowd on the edge of their seats. Bump, set, spike! The game ends, and the Smith Fieldhouse goes wild. Everyone is thinking about the unforgettable play that just occurred.  They played Stanford University who at the time was ranked number one. They moved from number 7 in the country to number one within a week! BYU fans across the world did not expect the outcome of that fateful game, but could they keep it up?

They later played schools such as Pen state, USC, San Diego, and so many more. To this day, BYU women’s volleyball remains undefeated in NCAA tournament due to their stacked team. The starting outsides for the Cougars are Roni Jones-Perry and Makenna Miller, who have both received their 1,000 official careers kill this season; and the setter, Lyndee Haddock, had her 3,000 setting assist also this season. It is easy to see the BYU women’s volleyball team has strong players that are adding to the outcome of each game.

Their mascot is the iconic cougar. Dressed in a blue jersey wearing the number “00”, Cosmo the Cougar break dances during halftime and entertains the crowd with his hysterical stunts and skits.

BYU is a college that specializes in academics and extracurricular activities, and the University was named after Brigham Young. Although its history revolves around the LDS church, students can attend if they are not a member. Many non-members attend this school due to athletic scholarships, academics, and honor code. BYU is currently ranked one of the top undergraduate business schools along with being nationally known as the school with an “honor code.” The honor code lists that each student attending the school must stay physically clean. Meaning no usage of harmful alcoholic beverages, drugs, and many other strict prohibitions.

Brigham Young University has an outstanding team this season. They wish to continue their undefeated streak and strive towards more success. Their campus also has some unique characteristics that may not be found in other universities. BYU is the only school that runs over a Church Educational system. And although their school may not immediately come to mind when looking for a college to attend, their volleyball team will still be in many minds from now until the start of next season.