Shokugeki no Soma, Season 1 review, Episodes 1- 3

An image of shokugeki no soma

An image of shokugeki no soma

Shokugeki no Soma is an anime and manga about the protagonist, Soma Yukihira, who is a young cook. He and his dad run a restaurant called Yukihira Diner.


In episode 1, his father decides to send him to the best and hardest university called Totsuki Culinary Academy with lower than a 10% chance of graduating.  Soma, at the age of 16 is a cooking prodigy, having spent 12 years inside the kitchen cooking at an extremely young age. Soma is very confident, as he walks into the audition area with many other students. There he sees Erina Nakiri, one of the top ten students at the school, called the Elite Ten.  Erina also called the “God Tongue” for her incredible sense of taste is the judge and a ruthless one at that. All of the students run away not wanting to fail in front of Erina because it would ruin their reputation, all except for Soma that is. Soma gives her a bowl of rice with a special egg seasoning and soup that is very delicious but Erina says no to him because he is so cocky and belittles Erina.  Her grandfather, the head of the school tries the dish and accepts him into the school.


In the second episode of the anime, Soma goes up to the pedestal to give a speech.  Soma talks about how the academy is only a stepping stone, and that he intends to be in first place and never lose. This causes many of the others to get angry at him.  Soma goes into his first test, with one of the hardest judges judging the foods. He is paired with a young and nervous girl named Megumi, and everyone glares at him for his speech. However, being a cooking prodigy, Soma destroys the competition. He makes a reputation for himself because he manages to make the judge, “The One Who Does Not Smile” smile with his delicious cooking.


In the third episode, Soma went to move into the dormitory of Polar Star.  In order to be able to move in, you need to pass the caretaker’s challenge.  Soma manages to be able to pass the challenge in one try. Megumi, however, took 9 months to pass the challenge.  Soma meets a member of the Elite 10 who is the best in the school. He challenges him to a cook-off and gets to a draw.


Overall, this anime was very good. Shokugeki no Soma season one, episodes 1-3, had tons of details that made everyone like it. People like this show because writers left viewers on cliffhangers which makes them want to watch the next episode.