China set to launch a fake moon in 2020

Picture of the Moon

Mia R.

Picture of the Moon

China, the world’s most populated country, is trying to eliminate streetlights with an artificial moon. They are striving to launch this by 2020 which is only 2 years away. China believes that this artificial satellite will be able to light up all of China to save energy. Scientists in China have been testing this for a few years now and they are getting ready to launch this fake moon in 2020.

Although this may seem like this came right out of a movie, China is known to make incredible inventions that seemed impossible to construct. China is one of the most advanced countries in technology and they are trying to take it to the next level. No one really has many details on how this will work, but BBC has some ideas. China can reflect the light from the Sun to the Earth. The moon could be made by a special material that can reflect light very well. One detail we do know about this fake moon is that it will be around 500 km away from the Earth whereas the real moon is 380,000 km away from Earth. The scientists never gave anyone any information on how the moon will look like or how much light it reflects. Another article from Momzette describes the moon with a 50-meter diameter and an adjustable brightness.


Some other features this moon will have is that China will be able to control the direction of the light in times of need. For example, if the power goes out in a whole entire city, the moon can reflect light from the sun to the city, so this city will get more light because they need the light more. Not only will this be a new way to use energy, but it will also cost less for everyone and it will help out the whole society. China says this could save 173 million dollars per year. Now China can use all of this money for other necessities such as food, water, and other things essential to life.


One flaw that this fake moon has is that if China tries to send light to one exact spot if they are off by one-hundredth of a degree, they could be way off course of where the light was attended to go. This could be a big problem along with the whole project not even working. If something is broken, it will be tough to fix it because it is in space.


This fake moon has many benefits but also has flaws in how it works. This could be the next big thing that can help the world. Maybe other countries will use other fake moons, but for now, China is the only country exploring this concept. Overall, this could be a major breakthrough for the whole world, or it can be a big failure.