Traveling to Xel-Ha, Mexico


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Xel-ha water park

    Ever wanted to visit a trail with many distinct cultures and animals? What about snorkeling or swimming with dolphins? Located in Cancun, Mexico, Xel-Ha provides all these experiences and more.

    Xel-Ha’s Scenic Lighthouse provides a beautiful view of the jungle trail and the Caribbean sea. When finished enjoying the view, one can encounter four different types of water slides, each providing a wonderful experience.

    Xel-Ha provides an amazing experience with its snorkeling. While swimming in the crystal clear waters of Riviera Maya, everyone can encounter its amazing wonders, a mingle of 90 different species of common and exotic organisms. This gives visitors a new feeling for many of the aquatic species.

    Considered by many, the most fun in Xel-Ha is provided by River Floating, where visitors travel in a tube and find many different exciting activities along the way. While riding, visitors can see many mangroves and the amazing landscapes of Xel-Ha. The first of the activities is the Cliff of Courage. The Cliff of Courage provides a way for many to improve their strength, endurance, and the fear of height. Here, tourists climb natural, rocky walls. Once at the top, tourists jump back down into the river, providing an experience many have never experienced before. The next activity is Trepachanga. Trepachanga provides a great way to have fun and test equilibrium. The goal is to cross to the other side on a tightrope while grabbing onto another suspended rope hanging above. This provides a fun experience for all families and visitors. The final activity provides a new action for all. Salpichanga gives a great amount of adrenaline to all. It consists of 6 series of zip lines and a hammock with two swings to carry people around.

    The activity of swimming with dolphins helps visitors learn more about dolphins. This activity is mainly for those who reserved, so make sure to reserve early before the room fills up. From here, everyone can make a great relationship with dolphins and encourage all to visit dolphins more often. This gives an empathy for dolphins and helps with curing some stress.

    Nature lovers can also enjoy the beauty of Xel-Ha. Xel-Ha Nursery provides an incredible range of native plants. They provide a look at over 270 species of plants, many of which are in danger due to urban development. Luckily, Xel-Ha has the policy to protect these plants and limit the progress of buildings and structures.