Science behind the Lottery

Lotto Tickets

Jason M.

Lotto Tickets

The hopes and dreams of many people worldwide are to easily become rich and successful. There is no better way to make or lose money than the lottery. Recently, the Mega Millions lottery prize went up to around 1.6 billion dollars before a person from Michigan actually matched the numbers. This man or woman was extremely fortunate as the numbers and statistics were hugely against them.

Mega Millions is a lottery where players receive prizes for every number they match on their ticket with randomly pulled numbers, which are posted online each week. Each ticket costs $2.00 and has 6 lines of numbers. Five of these lines have numbers from 1 to 70 and the last line has numbers from 1 to 25. When someone wins the jackpot prize, they can choose to receive their prizes in two different ways. They can ask for a one time, cash payment with reduced prize money or they can receive thirty annual payments that increase by five percent each time.

Chances to win the lottery are all against players as the percentages to win anything are really small. Winning anything at all is a one out of twenty-four chance. Making $2 dollars back is also very hard as its win percentage is only one out of thirty-seven. The jackpot prize has a chance of one in three hundred two million, making many rare events have a better chance of happening than winning the jackpot prize. Having quintuplets, or five children, is actually five times more likely than winning the jackpot of the lottery. Being murdered at the Grand Canyon is a one in eight million chance, which is 35 more times likely than the jackpot prize.

Although people may think that winning the lottery is all good, that is not the case. Former lottery winners have shared many stories of friends, family, and random people trying to get a piece of the lottery money. For example, there have been multiple stories of family believing that they have a right to have some of the lottery money. Also, when lottery winners give monetary gifts, receivers feel as if they should receive more instead of being thankful of receiving any money in the first place. Scammers and lawsuits will also follow lottery winners around. Lottery winners should be careful of what they say and do because they can be the target of many lawsuits and scams. People may also try and find a way to sue lottery winners for the chance of taking away some of the fortunes that winners have.

There are millions of things that are more likely to happen than winning the lottery which is near impossible. Also, winning the lottery does not mean happiness, instead it bodes for many ill events. All in all, lottery tickets should not be taken likely and players should keep in mind that winning the jackpot is basically an impossible occurrence.