Breathtaking Places to Visit in Lebanon

The country of Lebanon.

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The country of Lebanon.

Lebanon is an underrated wonder in the Middle East. While many people that think of this country, violence, and war pops in their heads, in reality, Lebanon is one of the richest places in history and scenery on the planet! Some of the most heart-stopping and exciting spots to visit are definitely worth a visit upon traveling to Lebanon.

Beirut, sometimes referred to as the Paris of the Middle East, is one of the most historic places in Lebanon. Located up in the North, Beirut is a coastal city with lots of attractions. To their exciting nightclubs to the downright clear beaches, Beirut will blow your mind. It has some of the most preserved historical and religious sites. Visit the National Soap Museum, to engage in the numerous religious sites, visit the Roman Ruins, stop by multiple crusader castles, take a hike inside of the valleys, sightseeing the world famous Cedar Trees reaching up to 2000 years old!


The Temple of Bacchus is a very ancient Roman Ruin. It is well preserved and a great place to visit if history is one of your most desired things to study. It is located in the eastern region of Lebanon, in Baalbeck. The temple was built during the Roman times officially to honor the god of wine, Dionysus. It reaches up to 102 feet high. This temple has Corinthian pillars holding it up and inside is absolutely breathtaking with its carved sculptures and lavish wall carving.


The Qadisha Valley is an absolute heart staggering valley with cliffs soaring into the sky. Walking inside of it and looking at the giant cliffs is absolutely amazing. The greenery is one of a kind and you can also visit lots of holy sites located in the valley around the entire place.

Raouche is a phenomenon is located in Beirut. Also known as the pigeon of rocks, this place is absolutely amazing! The rocks are in huge formations, popular for looking like gigantic sentinels. Take a boat ride down and race inside and around the giant rock. The sea breeze is icy, cool, and the view from below is absolutely worth it.


The Jeita Grotto is an absolutely beautiful interconnected limestone caves. Take a cable car up to the cave. The parts where people are allowed to explore only spans 6 miles, but there is a lot more of the cave. There is a lower cave and a higher cave. Up to the top at the higher cave, where creations that were made by natural water can be seen. It takes 1 year for only a centimeter of water to freeze. Some of these structures took over 100 years to naturally form. The structures look like ice-cubes hanging from the ceilings and walls. Take a walk up a bridge, looking below at the deep cave with its glistening materials. After enjoying the beauty of the top, come down to take a boat ride in the bottom. The bottom part of the cave is full of water, where visitors can sail through it and feel the icy cold breeze.


In conclusion, Lebanon may be one of the richest places in history and scenery on the planet. The beauty of this international treasure will live on for all people to enjoy in all occasions.