Prince Harry and Meghan’s Australia Trip



Prince Henry and Meghan Markle

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have gone down under! Big news broke that they were expecting their first child as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry landed in Sydney, Australia. A reception was held for the royal couple at the
Admiralty House when they announced their big news. The baby is due in April of 2019. This news hasn’t stopped the couple from visiting Australia. In fact, the couple has a jam-packed schedule with many events each day.

 Over the course of their trip, the couple visited and addressed problems in Australia and learned more about Australia altogether. On October 16, 2018, they started their venture when they visited the Opera House to view the rehearsal of Spirit. They plan to visit farmers that have experienced a drought. Though they won’t only address their problems on the 17th they also enjoyed a picnic to celebrate the spirit of the community. They supported a cafe that trains young aboriginal people, going to Bondi Beach to discuss mental health, went to the Fiji war memorial to pay respects, and attended a variety of welcome ceremonies.

During the time that the couple was in Australia, the Invictus Games were held. Prince Harry gave a speech to kick off the major event in Sydney. After watching the games the Duke and Dutchess then travel to Tonga to celebrate with a reception, dinner, and entertainment. They returned to Sydney to give a closing speech and wrap up the ceremony. This was their last day in Australia, but not the end of their vacation.

On October 28, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle flew to Wellington, New Zealand where they unveiled the UK War Memorial. They also met the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition at the Government House. In the evening they had a reception to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Women’s Suffrage. The next morning they met people associated with mental health projects in New Zealand. On the 30th, they arrived in Auckland, New Zealand for a reception at the Auckland War Memorial Museum. On the last day of their long vacation, they visited the town of Rotorua, traveled to Rainbow Springs where they learned more about the breeding programs of kiwi birds. They then returned to Auckland on their last day and departed for London the very next day.

The trip of the Duke and Dutchess was a well spent and memorable time in Australia. They made a difference in many lives. From helping farmers in supporting mental health organizations the royal couple had a huge impact on the lives of many.