Sameen Haq: Student Spotlight

Sameen with his family.

Allen E,

Sameen with his family.

Sameen Haq is a current Kraemer cub in 7th grade that is enjoying his stay at KMS so far. Sameen’s family members include his mom, Shazia, his dad, Muhammad, and his brother, Siffat, who he gets along with surprisingly well. Currently, he doesn’t own any pets but has always wanted a Siberian Husky that he would’ve wanted to name Chibiki and a cat that he hasn’t decided a name for yet. Sameen was born in California, despite his Indian heritage, and was raised in the same neighborhood his entire life.

Even though he has lived in the same place for 12 years, he has visited Hawaii, Colorado, Las Vegas, Paris, London, Brussels, and hopes that he can go back to Hawaii someday. Sameen started school in preschool and then spent kindergarten and 1st grade in a private school called Fairmont. After that, he spent the remaining years of elementary at Golden Elementary and entered the GATE program in 5th grade.

Sameen’s favorite class in school right now is Spanish because the teacher is very nice, there isn’t a massive load of homework, and it has a very interactive environment. Even though Spanish is his favorite class, his favorite part of school is break and lunch because he gets plenty of time to hang out with his friends.

His hobbies are playing basketball, hanging out with his family, reading, playing video games, and working with tech, specifically his computer. Sameen plays basketball, soccer, and other casual sports like swimming and bicycling, however, he does not enjoy watching sports. Right now, Sameen’s favorite book series is the Magisterium which is an unfinished five-book fantasy series with mages and other magical beings. His favorite movie is an older movie that many people may not know of. It is called Eragon, and his favorite TV show is The Office. Sameen’s dream job is either to be an entrepreneur because he has always wanted to be in charge of a company or any sort of business. He also wanted to become a real estate investor because it won’t take up his entire day or force him to work under any manager.

Sameen’s biggest fear is either being in the depths of the ocean or even just imagining himself being there. A Muslim holiday called Eid Al Fitr is Sameen’s favorite holiday because he gets to go to his grandma’s house where he spends time with his family and eats delicious foods like naan bread, tandoori chicken, biryani, and different kinds of curries.  Luckily he can eat these foods because he has many allergies such as grass, trees, dogs, cats, other animal hair, almonds, walnuts, and some other varieties of nuts. If Sameen could change anything in the world he would end slavery, poverty, inequality, political issues, and most importantly expensive plane tickets. If Sameen is ever spotted roaming around the halls or even in classrooms around Kraemer middle school,  make sure to say hi or greet him in any other way.