Journalist Khashoggi Murdered by Saudi Arabia


via Wikimedia Commons

New York Times Journalist, Jamal Khashoggi

The murder of journalist Khashoggi was supposedly planned days ahead of the actual murder date. The president of Turkey states they have strong evidence of the journalist Khashoggi being murdered in a premeditated and savage murder by Saudi Arabia.

The police had suspects called for trial. The president of Turkey demanded that Saudi Arabia needs to provide answers to who ordered the operation.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia provided conflicting stories of what happened to Khashoggi. A US resident and contributor to the Washington Post states that Khashoggi was still alive, but the authorities state that the 59-year-old journalist was killed during a “rogue operation”. Saudi Arabia tried to cover up the murder by pretending that Khashoggi was still alive, even after his body was found.

Fifteen Saudi nationals arrived in Istanbul in at least three teams on separate flights days before the murder of Khashoggi. A day before the murder he said: “Some members from the group traveled to Belgrad Forest near the consulate.” Turkish Police later searched this area and found the missing body

The president also described how the team had removed hard drives from the surveillance camera systems prior to the arrival of Khashoggi. He was visiting to secure documents for his upcoming marriage. A man who looked identical to Khashoggi was wearing his outfit, with glasses and even a fake beard. On Monday one of the news channels, CNN was broadcasting images showing that the fake Saudi Khashoggi operative was leaving the consulate. The fake Khashoggi leaving was supposed to cover up the murder but the fake Khashoggi didn’t return to where he was supposed to go.

The president has confirmed that the police arrested eighteen people from Saudi Arabia in connection with the case of the journalist Khashoggi’s murder. He told the Military Police from his command over the Turkish Adalet ve Kalkinma Partisi that the eighteen people arrested should and would be tried in Istanbul adding that all the people who had played a role in the murder of Khashoggi would be punished severely.      

The president of Turkey speech coincided with an investment conference in Saudi Arabia was overshadowed by the case of Khashoggi. Dozens of government and business leaders pulled out of the conference. Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman appeared at the event on Tuesday.

Many leaders around the world condemned the murder of the journalist and demand a full investigation of the murder. The US president, Donald J. Trump says that he is not satisfied with the Saudi explanation but also highlighted the Saudi Kingdom’s importance as a US ally. CIA Director named Gina Haspel has been sent to Turkey in order to review the matter.