How important is sleep?


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Dont loose sleep on this question.

Sleep, a relaxing and energizing activity for all living things. Even if it just makes people feel good, how does it benefit them? Believe or not, sleep is a part of a person’s physical health. Sleeping helps in healing and repairing a person’s heart and blood vessels. If people don’t get enough sleep, they will have a higher chance of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and even diabetes. Of course, this doesn’t happen when someone just decides to stay up all night to do an assignment or watch a movie. But if someone repeats this habit of staying up for a while, it could actually be quite dangerous.

Not only will a person staying up involve physical health, but mental health is at risk too. When a person sleeps, their mind is preparing for when they wake. The mind refreshes and clears itself so they can process more memory and take in new information. Studies have shown that more sleep helps people learn and take in more details. Having a good sleep and a healthy mind benefits to memorizing and better performance in anything you do. If people don’t get enough sleep, they will most likely be unproductive during everything they do, including whatever they are assigned to do at either work or school.

Continuing, if a person still does not sleep for an extended amount of time, they will suffer the effects of microsleep. Microsleep is defined as brief moments of sleep that happens when someone is awake. Most of the time, they can’t feel it or control it either. Adding on to mental health, microsleep makes people forget pieces of information such as an important part during a business meeting. Microsleep is most vulnerable to people like drivers, truckers, pilots, and lawyers since these jobs need the workers to stay up late and focus hard. It can also be dangerous too, for example, if a trucker is continuing a 10-hour drive to his next stop, and does not sleep, microsleep can affect him causing him to be a danger to everyone around him. Microsleep attacks someone when they are most susceptible, and it can lead to accidents or even the end of their own lives. According to studies from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it took as much as 824 lives in 2015.

Furthermore, How much time exactly can people stay up without sleep? Scientists don’t know for sure, but, a man named Randy Gardner currently holds the record of 11 days without sleep. Scientists continued testing, and most other normal and healthy people managed to stay up for around 8-10 days.

Wrapping up, Sleep is very important to a person’s physical and mental health. Experts don’t advise people to try to hold a record of how long someone’s up, but instead go ahead and lay back, calm down and relax the mind to take pleasure in a good nights doze.