Toys-R-Us Reopening


K. Smith


To those who have been living under a rock for the last 61 years, Toys R Us is an American toy, video game, and clothing store founded by Charles Philip Lazarus. Toys R Us was opened in 1957 in Washington D.C and has been an American icon and household name supplying joy to millions of children and even adults worldwide.


It was announced that the chain would file for bankruptcy in September due to a 5 billion dollar debt. It was sad news for adults and kids alike, but there is still hope for the store chain as some investors want to reopen stores. Some lenders who are in control of Toys R Us have called off the bankruptcy auction. Private investors and executive members of the company have stated that they don’t want the brand to go. Understandably former employers are furious that they would lose their job and most likely not get their jobs back but several children are happy.


There are several reasons for the decline of this beloved toy brand, but the main reason would be its over-pricing. First, Toys R Us toys are expensive compared to other stores. People would probably rather go to Walmart where things are cheaper, or online. Second, Amazon and other online brands killed Toys R Us in holiday sales because they were cheaper and overall more convenient.


The last big reason they went bankrupt is because of how much debt the company was in. A big part of the debt was due to deals in 2005 causing the brand to go private and accept private loans from investors which would lead to the company’s decline. When the brand announced bankruptcy in 2017 they were already 5 billion in debt.


Toys R Us is most likely coming back in 2019 due to private investors. It is amazing that the brand is coming back but it also had a negative impact on many people. Over 31,000 people lost their job and do hope they get their jobs back, but is unlikely. One thing that Toys R Us should work on is their online website and they should make improvements with their pricing. Overall many would like to see Toys R Us make a comeback in the future. For future generations to feel the excitement of entering the store and getting any toy they want.