Places to visit in South Korea

South Korea

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South Korea

Some places to go to in South Korea include the Gyeongbokgung Palace, Lotte world, The Myeongdong street food areas, and the Han River.  The country of South Korea is a great place to visit, but there are some locations and cultural places to know about before going to South Korea.  

Lotte World Theme Park, the largest indoor amusement park, is a major theme park in Korea that is a great place to visit. Lotte World is a very appealing place to go to in Korea because of the child-friendly amusement park that has a variety of fun rides such as “Atlantis” and a variety of restaurants in the vicinity.

A popular tourist attraction would be the Gyeongbokgung Palace.  The Gyeongbokgung Palace is a traditional Korean palace that housed the royal families. It is the largest of the other four and is nicknamed the Northern Palace. Called the most beautiful palace out of the five, it is a very popular tourist attraction.

A popular place to go for street food would be in Myeongdong where they have a large variety of food, such as tteokbokki and noodles. The street also has a lot of shopping areas nearby with many tourists walking around the popular area.  The “Tornado potato”, native to the South Korean street food areas, is a spiral-cut potato on a skewer fried and eaten with condiments, such as cheese or honey. There is also a popular street food called the “Bungeo-ppang” also known as a fish-shaped Korean pastry.  It is filled with sweet red bean paste, and it is a very popular dessert in Korea.

Another place to sit by and talk with friends could be the Banpo Bridge.  The Banpo Bridge, next to the Han River, is a very popular place to sit by because at night, the bridge sprays out rainbow colored water which illuminates the Han River every night.  This makes the area very popular, giving the bridge the name “Rainbow Fountain”.