Four Things to do in Japan

When visiting Japan there are lots of fun things to do from Mario Go-Karting around the city to going to temples and experiencing the culture. When going to Japan and visiting these places in the summer make sure to bring a fan, water, and some way to keep cool because it gets hot! Japan is very humid even though it is only 90° it feels like 100°. In Japan, everyone walks or takes the subway wherever they want to go.

Tokyo DisneySea is a theme park in Japan that has attractions for all ages. DisneySea is made up of seven different theme ports which are Mediterranean Harbor, Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery and American Waterfront. The park opened on September 4, 2001, costing 335 billion yen ( which is about 3 billion dollars).

The next place to visit is Harajuku. It is located next to the Harajuku station that is between Shinjuku and Shibuya. It has the most unique and extreme fashion for teenagers, but also offers other shops. Takeshita Street is a major place to visit when going to Harajuku because it has many cafes’, fashionable boutiques, and much new food to try. It is very busy at times but worth checking out. Harajuku is where the world’s largest Daiso is located. Daiso is a Japanese store that sells souvenirs, knick-knacks, and other great items for 100 yen (around one dollar). Harajuku is the best place to visit because there is a mix of everything in Japanese culture.   

Nara Park is a park were deer wander around freely. There was a tradition that deer were sacred and people would be punished with death for killing a deer. The deer that roam around Nara National Park isn’t sacred, but are an honor of tradition and are protected the national treasure. There are over 1,200 deer in the park and can be quite aggressive despite there cute appearance. The deer can bite, headbutt, and kick so it’s best not to aggravate them. Located on the island is the Kofukuji Temple for a cultural experience. For all the dog lovers, there is a Shiba cafe at Nara Park.

The next thing to do for people over 18 and have an international drivers license is to go Mario Karting around the streets of Tokyo. Mario Karting is just like the game and people dress up as characters in Mario and drive around the city. During the tour, people wave and take pictures of the Mario Karters. In the middle Tokyo course, people go around Akihabara Shop, Tokyo Station/Ginza, Ueno, Asakusa, and the Tokyo Sky-Tree for a one and a half hour to two-hour tour. The go-karts are completely safe and the company is approved by government laws. The Mario Go-Karting may be a little overwhelming by driving through the busy streets of Tokyo, but people have never regretted the experience. These are just four of the awesome places to visit in Japan.