Crazy Rich Asians Review


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Co-stars Ken Jeong and Awkwafina play Never Have I Ever with MTV

On Wednesday, August 15, 2018, the movie Crazy Rich Asians came out in theaters. Fans lined outside theaters waiting to watch this movie that collected over 18 million dollars in its first week. This movie scored a 92% rotten tomatoes and a 5/5 review from common sense media. After being so popular many are excited for the sequel of Crazy Rich Asians, China Rich Girlfriend.

The movie is about Nick Young (played by Henry Golding), who falls in love with a college professor in New York, Rachel Chu (played by Constance Wu). Nick decides it’s time that he should take Rachel to Singapore for his friend’s wedding, and to finally to meet his parents. Nick’s cousin Astrid (Gemma Chan) was the only friend of Rachel’s. They both supported each other throughout the movie with each other’s problems. Astrid struggles to maintain her marriage and relationship with her husband and the scandal he executes.

Rachel experiences many conflicts with Nick’s family, his friends, and the paparazzi. All of Singapore thought that Nick was too good for Rachel because she didn’t have a financial background. Whereas Nick’s family is worried that Rachel will corrupt Nick, and turn him against them. Nick was supposed to take over his family business but got caught up in New York and “postponed” this deal. His family immediately disliked Rachel because she was the reason Nick hadn’t taken over the business. Throughout the movie, Rachel fights for acceptance within Nick’s family despite everyone against her. Rather than there being only one conflict in the movie, there were two! Critics also loved the fashion and costumes worn, that were designed by Mary E. Vogt.  


“I tried to keep that movie in mind when I was doing clothes about the rich and saturated hues she used for the Singapore scenes. While contrasting with “black, white and grays” for Nick and Rachel back in New York. And a little bit of ‘Wizard of Oz,'” she adds. “When we’re in Kansas, it’s sepia tones and you go to Oz, it’s colorful, so when we went to Singapore we had a lot of colors.” According to FashonistaMary used vintage ‘30s photos that she got from Kwan’s family, who immigrated from China to Singapore.

There is so much for people to love about the movie, Crazy Rich Asians. From the beautiful story to the inspiring costumes and the Singapore – Chinese mix of culture, everyone enjoys each component throughout the movie.