On September 17, 2018 a man named Erik Rintamaki found a strange florescent rock known as the Yooperlite.That day Eric tried  hunting for rocks differently than he normally did. Instead of carrying a flashlight, he decided to use an ultraviolet light. As he was hunting for rocks, he noticed a strange, glowing rock. Eric picked it up and wondered what the rock was. He went to search Google, and asked his nearby neighbors, but there was no answer to what the rock was. Bewildered, he sent the rocks to the local geologists to figure out what the rocks were.

The glowing rock that Eric found was not exactly a new discovery as it was found it before. However, this was the first time that the discovery went  viral on the internet. Named after the Michigan residents, Yooperlites are a unique type of rock that will glow if under a U.V. light. Even after the light is removed from the rock, the rock will still emit a specked orange glow for a short time.

So, what is this rock? Eric sent samples to nearby geologists to see what these rocks were. The geologists said that the Yooperlites were actually just ordinary beach granite or basalt rocks with a fluorescent mineral inside. One interesting thing is that the amount of fluorescent minerals in each rock differed.This is the reason why the lights in the Yooperlites  only light up in some areas because of the various amount of the fluorescent mineral inside.

So, how has this discovery worked out for Eric? Well because of the Yooperlites, he was interviewed and got to be in the Mineral News, a magazine, which made his career take a huge leap up. His tours are gaining a lot of money as many people want to learn more about   Yooperlites. Rintamaki says that anyone can find the stones as they are all across Lake Superior. Those who want a Yooperlite have to either wait for next year for his tour because he’s sold out or they have to find them on their own. Eric also has many Yooperlites, and is selling them for 50 dollars a pound.he’s got many so he sells them 50$ a pound.

All in all, a  Yooperlite is just a special and unique rock. It is a rock that can glow unlike any other rock. Yooperlites have also changed Eric’s life. Without it, Eric Rintamaki, would have never been successful and well known.