Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Muñoz

Ms. Munoz

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Ms. Munoz

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Miss Muñoz is a teacher who has a fantastic character and loves her family as much as her students. She says that she and her family would describe herself as: “Fierce. I am fierce. My family would say that I’m intelligent. I am very observant… and happy. I have a good sense of humor.” She says that the most important thing in her life would be “My family and my own happiness.” Although her students are her family, her real and immediate family consists of her mom, dad, two brothers, and sister.

She was born and raised in Fullerton, and currently lives in the same neighborhood she grew up in. After twelfth grade, Miss Muñoz got her Bachelor’s degree Master’s at Cal State Fullerton. Miss Muñoz decided to teach Language Arts because she, “Always wanted to be a teacher. Also, I was terrible at every other subject other than English,” This school year, she says she looks forward to making language arts fun for her students. Miss Muñoz states, “For all my students to feel like they gained a vast amount of knowledge.” She claims that she has no favorite period of the day because each class is something unique and different.

Besides seventh grade GATE, Ms. Munoz teaches ELD, a mix of seventh and eighth graders and AVID Excel. It is her eighth year of teaching, and she says, “Eighth-year is looking to be the best so far.” Although Miss Muñoz is a language arts teacher and has read tons of books, she is still able to think of her favorite story, which is Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

During her free time, Ms. Muñoz reads as much as she can. However, one of her current hobbies includes hiking. Her non-physical free time activity would be watching Netflix. She has viewed the entire Grey’s Anatomy series for what she thinks is the third time and loves watching Disney movies with her son, Vincent. Her relatives are animal enthusiasts and sometimes volunteer to help animals in need. Miss Muñoz also enjoys cooking and baking as a family.

If she could travel anywhere in the world, she says that she would go to Bali in Indonesia. Almost immediately, she changes her answer and says that “All of Asia would be fun,” but Japan is her dream location. If Miss Muñoz could go to any fictional land and be a relevant character, she would love to be Thor because he’s strong, tall, and probably super powerful. “Nothing can stop him sort of deal. He is very righteous.” Miss Muñoz is funny, undoubtedly fierce, and has a lovable character. She is devoted to her educational life and most of all, her son. Miss Munoz makes every class period worth looking forward to, and exceptionally fun.  She loves to read novels aloud due to of her previous association in theatre. She plays music to match the story and changes her voice to tones that may very well be accurate. Miss Muñoz is a teacher worth remembering, especially with a unique and remarkable personality like hers.

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