iPhone XS, XS Max, XR – Worth it or not?

Apple was finally ambitious, and stepping towards what the market was pushing for. Every major phone developing companies were making shrinking bezels; the customers didn’t want bigger phones. Apple took a bold and risky move when they got rid of the headphone jack and the home button, making it inconvenient when anyone wants to listen to music and charge at the same time. Some users will miss the home button; anytime a company makes a change they’re taking a risk.


The new face ID has aroused concern for some users who are worried that strangers might access their phone. The new face ID claims to work 999,999 times out of 1,000,000, but at the phone release event, the iPhone didn’t unlock. This concern has been resolved by customers who purchased the X. Face ID is truly unique since it doesn’t unlock with just someone’s face, but with their eyes. The new front facing camera takes some great pictures along with using true depth cameras and sensors for Face ID. The new dual cameras have a variety of modes in which it is selectable, making it easier to take the perfect picture.


Many like the newly improved infinity edge display and the natural gestures that come with the heavy price tag. The X, along with the iPhone 8, also has the capability of wireless charging. This might seem convenient, but users also have to buy a separate charging station in order for it to work. Apple has also added the new emojis that use the front camera to make an emoji talk with the user’s own voice, called Animojis. The new display has a unique type of pixel. Unlike earlier models, the new iPhone X uses OLED display which is all around better and more vibrant than the iPhones that use LCD displays. The dual cameras that come with the iPhone take stunning pictures in multiple modes, such as portrait mode. It also offers optical image stabilization and portrait mode with the front-facing camera. The X also has faster download speeds, a bigger 5.8-inch screen, and amazing AR so no one can ever be bored.


Some Android users might argue that Apple was not quite first; Android devices have had this for quite a while now. For example, the first wireless charging phone was invented in 2009 by Palm. Apple uses what’s called “Chi Wireless Charging”. This appeared in 2012, by Nokia and Samsung, whom took the lead by creating its own fast charging, which is faster than Chi. One of the best features that Apple introduced, as mentioned before, was its new and improved OLED display. Of course, Android was the first ones to use the OLED display; Samsung had its first OLED phone in 2009. The prime example that makes Apple seem behind is facial recognition or Face ID. Samsung’s Nexus from 2012 had this feature, and later in 2016 the Note 7.

Apple is still ahead of Samsung in sales though. Apple’s own IOS has features that are easy to use. Unlike Samsung, Apple´s domain is really simple to understand. Although Samsung has come first in customer demands, Apple still takes the lead in customer sales due to its ease to use; whereas Samsung has a complex domain and is hard to utilize to its max if you´ve only used IOS before.


With all this said, users believe that Apple’s new iPhone X is worth it, for several reasons. First, although the iPhone X comes with an astonishing price tag of $1,000, it has some amazing features and interactive display. Secondly, Apple´s new face ID is astonishing. It uses true depth cameras and sensors to recognize your face. Lastly, the iPhone X is really the smartphone of the future. The X has a great feel all around with glass in the front and back. In conclusion, the iPhone X is worth its price due to its interactive display, great feel, and dual cameras.